Five Categories for Career Development Activities

  1. Participation in a research experience
  2. Opportunities offered by universities such as those co-sponsored by SEEDS or through federal agencies or other entities including corporate entities. Research experiences may be a campus-based project; an independent project; REUs; or internships.
  3. Presentation at a local or national scientific conference (not necessarily, ESA meetings)
  4. Skills building institutes or workshops (at least 8-hours)
    • Science skills such as ecoinformatics, modeling, GIS
    • Science communication and policy
    • Grantwriting, project management, publishing
  5. Participation in a Community or Service Learning Project related to ecology and society.
  6. Social media participation
    • Complete a LinkedIn profile
    • Actively contribute in the social media space
      • e.g. start a meaningful topic on the SEEDS LinkedIn group
      • post a blog, (e.g. interview with an ecologist)
      • Comment on other posts.

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