Explore Austin

  • Austin ScenesWelcome to ESA Visitors
    Austin is also a city where outdoor activities - running, swimming, rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, and more - are popular. There are opportunities for most of these within walking distance of the Convention Center.
  • Downtown Austin
    music, restaurants, shops, and more...
  • Natural areas and other outdoor places
    Lakes, hike & bike trails, parks, gardens ...
  • Prefer air-conditioning?
    Some Austin museums, many kid-friendly places ...
  • Austin Natural Areas
    3 miles from the Convention Center. There are ESA field trips going to many of these, but of course you can also go on your own. Most require driving to get there.
  • Natural areas: day trips from Austin
  • Ecoregions of central Texas
    Austin itself falls into two major ecoregions: the Edwards Plateau (western side of Austin) and the Blackland Prairie (eastern side of Austin). The dividing line is the Balcones Fault (now inactive) which runs approximately north-south through Austin.


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