• Registration Rates
    Each Full-Week and One-Day registrant will receive the official meeting program. Full-Week registrants may attend all portions of the scientific program and visit the Exhibit Hall during the show hours any day of the meeting; One-Day registrants may attend all portions of the scientific program and visit the Exhibit Hall on the specific day of their registrations. Please note that participation in most of the workshops, field trips, and all ticketed events, except the Monday Exhibit Opening lunch, requires payment of additional fees.
  • Registration Forms
    Use these forms for registration, child care, supplemental registration, etc.
  • Accommodations Information
    Hotal informaiton, reservation, contact housing bureau and dorm room reservation. 
  • Transportation Information
    Shuttle service, taxi and local transportation. 
  • Child Care Information
    ESA will provide on-site day care for young children up to 8 years old and registration for this will be available mid-March. 
  • ESA Roommate and Ride Share Forum

    The ESA Roommate and Ride Share Forum is an electronic bulletin board designed to facilitate communication among meeting registrants seeking to share lodging or a ride to Austin for the Annual Meeting. The Roommate and Ride Share is located on the ESA Website. Those using the Forum have complete responsibility for what they post. ESA Headquarters cannot guarantee that users will locate roommates or rides using the Forum, nor is ESA liable for any consequences to those who seek roommates or traveling partners using the Forum.

    If you plan to share a hotel room or a room at the University of Texas (dorm reservation form), you must identify your roommate(s) in advance of making housing reservations and only one of the persons sharing the room should submit the Housing Reservations Form. A charge for the entire stay will be placed against the credit card of the person who submits the Housing Reservations Form to guarantee the bed.

  • Travel Regulation & Non-US Registrants Information
    Information for NEW Travel Regulation for International Visitors & to learn more about the types of travels visas available and procedures for applying to obtain a travel visa.


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