Session Types

  • Call for Symposium Proposals
    Symposia are the scientific centerpiece of the meeting. They will be assigned premium meeting space at the Austin Convention Center and will serve as the cornerstone for assembly of the scientific program. Proposals addressing the meeting theme, “Planetary stewardship: Preserving and enhancing earth's life-support systems” are especially welcome, but any timely and coherent subject of broad interest will be considered.
  • Call for Organized Poster Session Proposals
    Organized poster sessions will consist of sets of posters, in multiples of 5, that are organized around a specific topic with all of the presenters invited by the organizer.
  • Call for Organized Oral Session Proposals
    Organized oral sessions are organized around a specific topic with most of the speakers invited by the organizer. These sessions are distinguished from symposia in that 1) there is less emphasis on breadth of appeal and overall synthesis; 2) they may be comprised largely of related case studies; 3) talks are set at 15 minutes each, with 5 minutes following for discussion (as in contributed oral sessions); and 4) at least 2 time slots out of the 10 available in an organized oral session are reserved for placing related talks from the contributed abstracts by the Program Chair.
  • Call for Workshop Proposals
    Workshops are sessions intended to convey specific knowledge or skills; they are not intended for the presentation of research papers. Workshops are frequently more interactive and informal than sessions within the formal scientific program, and they often involve extended discussion. Workshops may involve one or several leaders/presenters and may include computer-based or other ‘hands-on’ training. Workshop proposals should make clear what skills, tools, or insights participants might expect to gain from the session.
  • Call for Special Session Proposals
    Special Sessions complement the formal scientific program, providing an opportunity for presentations or extended dialogue and exchanges beyond what is usually possible in the regular scientific sessions. These sessions are not intended for the presentation of formal research papers, and they do not run concurrently with the symposium, organized oral, contributed oral, or poster sessions.
  • Call for Field Trip Proposals
    Field trips are typically scheduled for full or half days and are usually held prior to the beginning of the formal scientific program, on Saturday or Sunday or, in some cases, on both days. Shorter trips during the week are also possible. Weekend field trips run concurrently with weekend workshops. Field trips may be linked with scientific sessions or workshops. 
  • Contributed Oral and Poster Abstracts
    We will begin accepting abstracts in mid December, and this text will be replaced by detailed abstract guidelines and a link to the submission form at that time. Please note that invited presenters for Symposia, Organized Oral Sessions, and Organized Poster Sessions should not submit their abstracts here.
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