ESA Biogeosciences Awards 2014

We are pleased to announce this year’s winners for the following awards given by the Biogeosciences section of the Ecological Society of America. We would also like to extend a big thank-you to all the judges who volunteered their time.

1. The Elizabeth Sulzman Award for work done as a graduate student went to Sarah Batterman for:
Batterman, SA, LO Hedin, M van Breugel, J Ransijn, DJ Craven, & JS Hall. 2013. Key role of symbiotic dinitrogen fixation in tropical forest secondary succession. Nature 502:224-227.

The honorable mention went to Janice Brahney for:
Brahney, J., A.P. Ballantyne, C. Sievers, and J.C. Neff. 2013. Increasing Ca2+ deposition in the western US: The role of mineral aerosols. Aeolian Research 10:77-87

2. The Gene E. Likens Award for work done within 5 years of receiving their PhD went to Will Wieder for:
Wieder WR, GB Bonan, SD Allison (2013). Global soil carbon projections are improved by modelling microbial processes. Nature Climate Change 3: 909–912.

The honorable mention went to Jinyun Tang for:
Tang, J. Y. and Riley, W. J.: A total quasi-steady-state formulation of substrate uptake kinetics in complex networks and an example application to microbial litter decomposition, Biogeosciences, 10, 8329-8351

3. The Best Student Presentation, generously supported by New Phytologist, went to Kelly Hopping for: Climate change and grazing drive cascading responses in plant communities and carbon cycling on the Tibetan Plateau

See past winners here.

ESA Biogeosciences Section Officers, 2014-2016

Chair: Josh Schimel, Professor at UC Santa Barbara in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology

Secretary: Jennie McLaren, Assistant Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at the University of Texas, El Paso.

The section will continue to sponsor awards and to organize the student/faculty dinners during the Annual Meeting. Announcements about these opportunities will be made around May.

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