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EHS is an international, online, open-access journal, published jointly by the Ecological Society of America and the Ecological Society of China. EHS publish articles on advances in macroecology and sustainability science, on how human activities affect ecosystem conditions, and on systems approaches for applying ecological science in decision making to promoting sustainable development.


Authoritative, informed, and often provocative pieces, invited by the Editor-in-Chief, written by experts, calling for action on topical issues pertaining to ecological research and its policy implications. Length limited: 1000 words.


Comprehensive, synthetic papers that describe recent developments of interdisciplinary significance and highlight future directions for ecological research. Critical Reviews must be more than overviews of the literature and simple compilations of facts. They should reflect the development of a topic and encompass relevant natural history, observational and experimental data, analyses, models, and theory. Maximum length: 8000 words (not including figures, tables and references); abstract: 250 words.


Describe complex, original observational, experimental, or theoretical studies that, due to their very integrated nature, defy dissolution into shorter publications focused on a single topic or message. Articles must follow the traditional format: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusions. Writing must be clear and concise and quality of English must be good. Length limit: 6000 words; abstract: 250.