WS&EH Special Issue

Water Sustainability and Ecosystem Health

A Special Issue for Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (EHS)


Guest Editors
Chansheng He
Western Michigan University
Frank Winde
North-West University, Republic of South Africa


Climate change and human activities have unprecedentedly altered the hydrological processes and ecosystem services of watersheds all over the world, causing global water crisis, threating ecosystem health, and affecting regional and global sustainability. Understanding the interactions and impacts of such coupled human and natural systems on eco-hydrological processes at the watershed scale is essential for addressing and adapting to global environmental change.

This special issue seeks submissions from a diverse geographic regions to address the impacts of global environmental change on processes and patterns of eco-hydrology and corresponding adaptive strategies at the watershed and regional scales. Topics focus on, but not limited to: Climate change and hydrological cycle, chemical, biological, and physical processes and landscape patterns, water resources management, and water and ecosystem services.


Submission Deadline

December 31,  2016