Requirements for Submission

Original submission
Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (EHS) follows ESA’s No Prior Publication rule. Authors must provide information in the cover letter describing the extent to which data or text in the manuscript have been used in other works that are published, in press, submitted, or soon to be submitted elsewhere.

Resubmission policy
If the manuscript (or a previous version of the manuscript) was previously submitted to EHS or another ESA journal, please provide the earlier manuscript number; explain in the cover letter how the current version differs from the previously submitted version, and why it should now be considered for EHS.

Publication ethics
Authors submitting papers to EHS should adhere to the ESA Code of Ethics which deals with authorship, plagiarism, fraud, unauthorized use of data, copyrights, errors, confidentiality, intellectual property, attribution, willful delay of publication, and conflicts of interest, as well as other matters that are not specific to the publication process. If we have reason to doubt the ethical practices of an author, the manuscript will be referred to the ESA Professional Ethics Committee for review. The Editor-in-Chief will obtain the advice of the Committee and decide a course of action in consultation with the Executive Director of ESA and the Secretary General of ESC.

The manuscript must be written in clear, correct, and unambiguous English. Articles will not be reviewed until the language meets these standards. If authors (in particular the first author and corresponding author) are neither native English speakers nor bilingual, we strongly recommend that authors enlist the aid of scientific editing services or native-English-speaking colleagues to polish the article prior to submission. You may also search the ESA Author Help Directory to find a volunteer (no guarantee for publication is associated with the use of this volunteer database).

Publication fee
1) Agreement to pay publication fee
The article will be published only after receipt of payment for the publication fees. Publication fees will only be incurred for manuscripts accepted for publication. No grants are available. Unlike many other open-access journals, copy-editing will be carried out on articles accepted by EHS. Therefore, in order to maintain financial sustainability, EHS’s regular publication fee is a little bit higher. However, in order to encourage submissions in early stage following EHS’s launch, ESA and ESC are offering all authors a discount on the publication fee.

Article categories Regular publication fee (US$) Discount publication fee (US$)
Non-members ESA or ESC members Non-members ESA or ESC members
Research Articles 2200 1950 1500 1250
Critical Reviews 2200 1950 1500 1250
Policy Forum 1000 850
International Collaboration Studies 1000 850
Comments and Replies 500 425
Editorials Commission only Commission only

2) Other Charges
Authors will be charged additional fees for excessive changes in proof or remaking of artwork as a result of author error or request.