The Peer-review Process

Peer review for EHS consists of the following steps:

  • The author submits a manuscript via ScholarOne.
  • The Managing Editor (ME) checks that the manuscript conforms to editorial policies and publication criteria and then assigns it to the Editor in Chief (EiC).
  • The EiC evaluates the manuscript and decides whether to review or reject without review; if the former, the EiC suggests a Subject Editor (SE).
  • The SE reviews the article and suggests potential Reviewers. (EHS submissions are generally evaluated by at least two external, anonymous Reviewers.)
  • The Reviewers review the manuscript and make comments and a recommendation (generally expected within 3 weeks).
  • Once the Reviewers have submitted their reports, the SE reviews the comments and makes a recommendation to the EiC.
  • The EiC evaluates the comments and makes a final decision:either (a) Accept, (b) Minor Revision, (c) Reject with resubmission invitation or (d) Reject; and adds final comments for the authors.
  • The authors revise the manuscript (if either [b] or [c] above) and resubmit via EcoTrack as soon as possible. If the revised manuscript has not been submitted within 3 months and an extension has not been requested, it will be assumed that the article has been withdrawn. (Authors can request an extension by contacting the editorial office at before the 3-month revision deadline.)
  • The ME assigns the revised manuscript to the SE.
  • The SE reviews the revised manuscript and either requests further reviews or makes afinal recommendation to the EiC.
  • If the EiC decides further revisions are needed, steps 7–10 above are repeated. If the EiC accepts the manuscript, the ME sends the acceptance letter and an invoice for the publication fee to the authors.