Report to ESA Governing Board

To: The Governing Board, Ecological Society of America (ESA)
From: Environmental Justice (EJ) planning grant task force: Leanne M Jablonski (Chair)
Marianne Burke, George Middendorf, Charlie Nilon, Rachel O’Malley, with Katherine Hoffman and Rhonda Kranz (ESA staff).
Date: June 30, 2005
Re: Planning Grant Report & Recommendations

The environmental justice (EJ) task force met several times in person and by conference calls from August 2004 through June 2005 to explore how we can advance the role of ecology and ecologists in environmental justice.


To accomplish the mission of the Ecological Society of America, the Environmental Justice (EJ) task force recommends that ESA recognize that:

  1. All ESA members should understand the relationship between ecology and environmental justice, and
  2. ESA and its members should work to address environmental justice issues.

In order to achieve these goals, the EJ task force recommends that ESA:

  1. Develop a strategy to engage ESA members in environmental justice activities through:

1.1 educating members in EJ principles by producing an ESA Position Paper
1.2 identifying ESA members with expertise and interest relevant to environmental justice
1.3 assisting ecologists in identifying the EJ-relevant dimensions of their field

  1. 0btain sufficient resources for sustained and staffed effort by:

2.1 committing funds for staff and budget support
2.2 participating in opportunities for external funding

  1. Encourage interactions with other organizations engaged in environmental justice issues by:

3.1 collaboration with other professional organizations