Workshop 2 – Related Resources

Workshop #2: Engaging HBCUs and MSIs in Education Using Large Scale Datasets

Thursday, August 8, 2013 | 8:00 AM-5:00 PM
Organized by the Ecological Society of America’s Education and Diversity Office

Suggested Readings & Related Resources:

The following resources are suggested readings prior to the workshop

For all sessions:

Interactive Conceptual Framework on Education Using Continental-Scale Data

Drivers of Avian Local Species Richness: Continental-Scale Gradients, Regional Landscape, or Local Land Cover?

Using Science Pipes in the Classroom

The Invasive Grass-Fire Cycle in the U.S. Great Basin

  • Jennifer K. Balch, Marnie K. Carroll, and Bethany A. Bradley. May 2012, posting date. The Invasive Grass-Fire Cycle in the U.S. Great Basin Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology, Vol. 8: Practice #2 [online].
  • D’Antonio, C.M., and P.M. Vitousek, 1992, Biological invasions by exotic grasses, the grass-fire cycle, and global change. Annual review of Ecology and Systematics 23:63-87.
  • Whisenant, 1990, Changing fire frequencies on Idaho’s Snake River plains; ecological and management implications. Symposium on cheatgrass invasion, shrub die-off, and other aspects of shrub biology and management, Intermountain Research Station, Ogden, UT, Las Vegas, NV.

Getting data rich activities into your classroom: Learning outcomes, instructional strategies, and assessment

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