Final Presentations

Final Presentations

As part of the Scaling Up: Future of Environmental Decision Making Workshop, students were asked to research a question about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and use the QGIS program to analyze data related to their questions.

One objective of the workshop was to demonstrate how students can use GIS data to inform environmental decision making in their local communities. At the close of the workshop, students presented their projects to each other and guests, and were given the opportunity to present data in a professional and engaging way. Each group’s presentation is viewing for download below.

Group 1: Threat of Urbanization on Water Quality (.pdf)

Group 2: A Comparison of Socioeconomic and Bay Health Trajectories in Two Chesapeake Sub-watersheds (.pdf)

Group 3: Health and Wealth in Maryland: Do Economic Indicators Correlate Spatially with Water Quality? (.pdf)

Group 4: Constructing Artificial Wetlands in the Patuxent River Watershed (.pdf)

Group 5: Suburbia’s Influence on Water Quality in the Chesapeake Bay (Prezi Presentation)

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