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Rep. Blackburn to ESA President Deevey, 1970

Rep. Ben Blackburn wrote to ESA President Ed Deevey in 1970 in connection with upcoming hearings on wildlife conservation. His letter reveals that he only recently became aware of ESA and its interests. (Stanley Auerbach papers). I have written two

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Barrington Moore to A.G. Vestal, re: book review, 1930

Barrington Moore, Editor-in-Chief of Ecology, responds to A. G. Vestal’s difficulty in reviewing Plant Ecology by Weaver and Clements. Vestal’s long review, published in Ecology in January 1931, pointed out that some ecologists thought that Clementsian views of succession were

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Cornelius Mueller to Vestal, 1930s

Letters from Cornelius H. Mueller to A. G. Vestal describe financial hardships at the University of Texas, Austin, during the Depression, a collecting trip to Mexico, and Mueller’s wish to take a PhD under Vestal’s direction in Illinois. Mueller inquires

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Barrington Moore to Vestal, 1920

In this appeal to A. G. Vestal in 1920, ESA President Barrington Moore reveals that there was a letter-writing campaign from ESA members to congressional nominees, intended to oppose power and irrigation schemes in national parks and monuments. (A. G.

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To Auerbach re: Herbicides in Vietnam

A letter from Matthew Meselson and Arthur Westing, written to ESA President Stanley Auerbach on behalf of AAAS in 1970, requests help in developing a study on the military use of herbicides in Vietnam. Enclosed was information about the extent

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F. H. Bormann on the “Urban Crisis,” 1970

Reacting to the “staggering urban crisis” in 1970, ESA president F. H. Bormann asked ecologists C. S. Holling and G. H. Orians to assess how ecology might be applied to urban problems and city planning, observing that the current trend

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LaMont Cole to Sen. Jackson, 1968

ESA President LaMont C. Cole, writing in 1968 in support of an environmental bill drafted by Sen. Henry Jackson, urged greater use of ecologists as environmental advisors to the government. (Stanley Auerbach Papers, Box 1, Public Affairs Committee 3 file).

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ESA and the 1968 Election

ESA’s leadership contacted presidential candidates in 1968 to get their views on creating a Council of Ecological Advisors, a National Institute of Ecology, and a national policy on population size. Hubert Humphrey replied in detail, George Wallace said little, and

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Tribute to Homer Shantz

This tribute to Homer L. Shantz (1876-1958) illustrates the wide-ranging career of a pioneer plant ecologist, who held positions at several universities, was president of the University of Arizona, and worked for the USDA and the Forest Service. As part

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Auerbach to Gore, 1968

ESA Secretary Stanley Auerbach wrote to Tennessee Senator Albert Gore in 1968 about plans to construct a dam on the Cumberland River in the Devil’s Jump area. Attached was a strongly worded letter to the Corps of Engineers expressing ESA’s

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