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The Historical Records Committee
Established in 1944, The Historical Records Committee is charged with encouraging members to conserve documents and photos pertinent to the history of the Ecological Society of America and ecology, and with making such records available to members, historians, biographers, and the public through its website and other communications. Read more about the history of HRC.

In 1990, HRC members developed a symposium and display for the 75th anniversary of the Society. Since 2011, the committee has prepared a variety of history programs leading up to and through the Centennial meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, August 9-14, 2015. This website celebrates these efforts and highlights the Society’s history.

For more information, contact Sharon Kingsland (Sharon@JHU.edu or phone 410-516-7505), who is currently chair.

The HRC website is intended to be the public face of the Committee, and to provide ESA members and others direct access to the historical records and information available therein, as well as information on current projects and activities of the Committee.

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Committee Members

General email: HRC4ESA@gmail.com

Sharon Kingsland, HRC chair sharon@jhu.edu |
Juliana Mulroy, Program Subcommittee Chair mulroy@denison.edu
Alan Covich, Archives Subcommittee Chair alan@uga.edu
Sally White, Website Subcommittee Chair subversivescience@gmail.com

Hal Balbach
Michael Huston
Bob Jones
Dennis Knight
Jean Langenheim
Robert K. Peet
Eva Dettweiler Robinson

Daniel Song
Doug Sprugel
Terry Wheeler

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