W. Clark Ashby

W. Clark Ashby
Born: Duluth, MN 7/6/1922
Education: Chicago (B.D. 1947, Ph. D. 1950); California (1947-49; no degree)
Dissertation title: Effects of certain acid growth-regulating substances and their corresponding aldehydes on the growth of roots. (Bot. Gaz. 112: 237-249).
Adviser: Poul Larsen (C)
Comments: Took courses with and T.A.’d for Charles E. Olmsted while at Chicago.
Teaching history: Cal Tech 1953-54; Chicago 1955-60; Southern Illinois University 1960-92.
Ph. D. Students; others influenced:
ESA offices and honors: Treasurer 1967-69; Business Manager 1969-73
Archived papers: Ashby Family World War I and II Papers at SIU-Carbondale | Some correspondence in the Good Papers at UGA/ESA Archives
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