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David Lodge, ESA President, 2016-17

At the 2016 annual meeting in Fort Lauderdale, David Lodge took office as ESA’s president. As Director of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future at Cornell University, he is an expert on invasive species, with research focused on freshwater

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All ESA Journal Editors Table

To date (October 2016), this is the complete Journal Editors table for ESA publications. Note that our compiled historical data only goes to about 1970. As older records are added. this table will automatically update to reflect what we have.

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Ecological Applications

Ecological Applications was launched in 1991 to highlight applications of ecological science to environmental problems. Originally a quarterly, it expanded to six issues in 2000, and has been published eight times a year since 2007 (Volume 17). “Special issues” are

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Ecological Monographs

The journal Ecological Monographs was launched by ESA in 1931 to accommodate longer articles than could be published in Ecology. Criteria specified submissions should be more than 20 pages.  With the advent of Ecological Applications in 1991, Ecological Monographs also

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ESA’s Sixth Decade (1966–1975): Start of ESA’s Second Half-Century

By Kiyoko Miyanishi Reprinted from the ESA Bulletin, Vol 96(4), October 2015, pp 513-518. A caveat on this series of Bulletin articles on ESA by decade: this is not any kind of official history of ESA but simply one person’s

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ESA’s primary technical journal, Ecology, has been published since 1920. This monthly publication publishes research and synthesis papers on all aspects of ecology, with particular emphasis on papers that develop new concepts in ecology, that test ecological theory, or that

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Bulletin of the ESA

The Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, issued quarterly, contains announcements of meetings of the Society and related organizations, programs, awards, articles, and items of current interest to members. As ESA’s oldest journal, it is the official record of

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Orie Loucks, Ecologist Effecting Change, 1931-2016

Orie L. Loucks, October 2, 1931 – September 10, 2016 This brief profile is based, in part, on notes by Dennis Knight from an oral history interview with Orie Loucks on August 7, 2013, at the 98th meeting of ESA

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Turning to a New Century

Outgoing ESA president Dr. Monica Turner highlighted ESA’s first century as she directed attention to present accomplishments and plans for the decades ahead. Her presidential address, The Turn of the Century (28 mb), included callouts to the centennial celebrated last

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July 2016 Bulletin Rich in History

The July Bulletin of the ESA offers a wealth of history-related material, collected here (along with a few republished from April) for your browsing convenience. Historical Records Committee Newsletter: Upcoming Sessions at the Annual Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Bill Reiners

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