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Keep up to date with HRC activities and events by following our newsletter. Contact HRC chair Sharon Kingsland (sharon AT to subscribe. Since April 2015, the following issues have been published: January 2016, featuring the Anthropocene, old weather, oral

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Centennial History of ESA available

A Centennial History of the Ecological Society of America by Frank Egerton is now available at From the Amazon blurb: Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2015, the Ecological Society of America (ESA) is the largest professional society devoted to

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ESA Bulletin reflects on the Society’s first 100 years

In recognition of ESA’s centennial in 2015, the Bulletin is publishing a series on the Society’s history, its practitioners, and the history of ecology as a discipline. Most links below open PDFs from the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of

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July 2015 HRC Newsletter

CONTENTS Celebrating ESA and the History of Ecology in Baltimore More to Celebrate from the University of Georgia Archives! What You Can Find in the Paul B. Sears Papers at Yale University Interactive Maps: A Fun Way to Explore the

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Marion Ellis to A.G. Vestal, 1915

Marion Ellis, Dean of Women at the Michigan Biological Station, wrote a chatty letter to A. G. Vestal in 1915 describing life at the Station (founded 1909) and providing news of colleagues and their families. Her husband Max Ellis was

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HRC-sponsored Sessions at 2015 Meeting

In recognition of ESA’s centennial celebration this year, HRC’s program subcommittee, chaired by Juliana Mulroy, has worked with committee members and others to put together the following sessions for the August meeting in Baltimore. Special Session: Ecology’s Concepts: How Are

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April 2015 HRC Newsletter

CONTENTS Centennial, Website, and Bulletin Updates Join Us for these HRC-sponsored Sessions and Events at the Centennial Meeting! News from the ESA Archives at the University of Georgia Exploring the ESA Archives HRC’s Oral History Project [Download full PDF version

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HRC’s Oral History Project

From the April 2015 HRC Newsletter Since this HRC project began several years ago, oral histories have been recorded for 12 long-time ESA members (Larry Bliss, James Brown, Art Cooper, Scott Collins, Yaffa Grossman, John Hobbie, Jean Langenheim, Orie Loucks,

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Exploring the ESA Archives: Why Visit or Write?

From the April 2015 HRC Newsletter: Even if you aren’t interested in ESA organizational history specifically, there is much to find about the history of ecology at UGA’s Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library, both within the ESA archives and

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ESA’s Fifth Decade: A Period of Growth

By Kiyoko Miyanishi Reprinted from the ESA Bulletin, Vol 96(1), January 2015, pp 41-44. ESA’s fifth decade (1956–1965) began with its membership standing at 1364. With the Membership Committee’s concerted efforts (such as scanning over 40 scientific journals to identify

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