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Roscoe Pound

Roscoe Pound
Born: Lincoln, NE 10/27/1870; died 7/1/64
Education: Nebraska (A.B. 1888, A.M. 1889; Ph.D. 1897); Harvard Law (1889-90, no degree (?))
Dissertation title: The phytogeography of Nebraska (presented jointly with F. E. Clements)
Advisor: Charles E. Bessey (D)
Teaching history: (none in ecology)
Comments: For several years Pound was simultaneously a law professor and the Director of the Nebraska Botanical Survey. Later he went over to the dark side fully and became Dean of the Harvard Law School. Roscoepoundia, a genus of fungi, was named for him.
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John E. Potzger

John E. Potzger
Born:  Presque Isle Co., MI 7/31/1886; died 9/18/1955
Education: Butler Univ. (A.B. 1927; M.A. 1931), Indiana (Ph.D. 1932)
Dissertation title:  The ecology of certain swamp, floodplain, and upland plant communities in Monroe County, Indiana
Advisor: Stanley A. Cain?
Other influence: Frank C. Gates
Teaching history: Butler Univ. 1932-1955
ESA offices and honors: Member-at-Large 1951-52; President 1954
ESA links: Presidential bio

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Robert B. Platt

Robert B. Platt
Born: Knoxville, IN 1/19/13; died 3/11/1998
Education: Emory and Henry Coll, (B.A. 1933); Peabody Coll. (M.S. 1935); Univ. of Pennsylvania (Ph.D. 1948)
Dissertation title: Shale barrens of the mid-Appalachian Mountains. (Ecol. Mon. 21:269-300)
Advisor: Edgar T. Wherry (C)
Other influences: Stanley A. Cain, Henry J. Oosting, Jesse Shaver
Teaching history: Radford Coll. 1940-41; Emory Univ. 1948-78
ESA offices and honors: Mercer Award 1952; Vice President 1966; President 1972-73
ESA links: Mercer Award | Presidential bio

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Patricia A. Werner

Patricia A. Werner
Born: Flint, MI 7/7/1941
Education:  Michigan State (M.S. 1968; Ph.D. 1972)
Dissertation title: Effect of the invasion of Dipsacus sylvestris on plant communities in early old-field succession
Advisor: John E. Cantlon (C)
Other influences: (Ph.D.) Steve Stephenson, William E. Cooper
Teaching History: Michigan State 1973-1986, Florida 1992-2002 (became emeritus)
Ph.D. students: Katherine L. Gross
ESA offices and honors: Member-at-Large 1979-81

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Richard H. Waring

Richard H. Waring
Born:  Chicago, IL 5/17/1935
Education:  Minnesota (B.S. 1957, M.S. 1959); UC Berkeley (Ph.D. 1963)
Dissertation title: Vegetation of the California coast redwood region in relation to gradients of moisture, nutrients, light, and temperature
Adviser: Jack Major (C)
Other influences:  Egolfs Bakuzis, Don Lawrence (M. S.), Edward Stone (Ph.D); Jerry Franklin, Richard Walker, Tom Hinckley, Paul Jarvis, Joe Landsberg, David Whitehead, Sune Linder (early career). See below.
Teaching history: Oregon State 1963-2001 (became emeritus)
Ph.D. students: Ken Reed, Bill Emmingham, Henry Gholz, Pam Matson, John Marshall, Ram Oren, Hank Margolis, Mike Ryan, Cathy Rose, Barbara Bond, Beverly Law, Jeanne Panek, Jennifer Swenson, Wendy Peterman
Others influenced: (Master’s)  Brian Cleary, Tom Atzet, Robert Logan, Steve Running, Val Jaffe, John Runyon, Paula (Fong) Reid; (Post-doc) Joanne Nightingale; (other) Steve Running
External links: OSU webpage | Autobiography in science

Additional comments (RHW): “Egolfs Bakuzis at the University of Minnesota was the most influential mentor at the Univ. of Minn. He encouraged me to read the literature, including that in German and French; he introduced me to European science, and what real scholarship demanded.

Don Lawrence, a professor in Botany, encouraged and helped me improve my writing.

Edward Stone at U.C. Berkeley was my mentor in physiological ecology. My goal was to quantify environmental gradients via responses that plants actually sensed. Stone supported me in by providing access to growth rooms, greenhouse, and to associate with his graduate students.

When I arrived at Oregon State University, Jerry Franklin and I developed a friendship and mutual respect that was special. We differ in approaches, to say the least. But we worked well together in the Coniferous Forest Biome and starting the LTER on the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest.

Richard Walker in the Botany Dept. at Univ. of Washington was a special mentor, introducing me to Delef Schulze, Otto Lange, and other Europeans; he also helped integrate work in WA with that in OR during the IBP.

Tom Hinckley, Paul Jarvis, Joe Landsberg, David Whitehead, and Sune Linder met early in our respective careers (1970-73) and remained colleagues and friends for life. Landsberg and I developed the 3-PG process-based growth model (most cited paper in Forest Ecol. & Management).

While in Australia, I asked Nicholas Coops (CSIRO), whom I had met while visiting Steve Running, if he could develop a spatial format for 3-PG. He did, and following 9 months as a visiting scientist at OSU, has gone on to lead remote sensing in Canada. We have published >25 articles, mostly since I retired.

Steve Running, University of Montana, considers me the intellectual grandfather of his program

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Monica G. Turner

Monica G. Turner
Born: New York, NY, 12/9/1958
Education: Fordham Univ. (B.A.1980) ; Georgia (Ph.D. 1985)
Dissertation title: Ecological effects of multiple perturbations on a Georgia salt marsh
Advisor: Frank Golley (C)
Other influences: Graduate school: Susan P. Bratton; Postdoc: Eugene P. Odum; early career at ORNL: Robert H. Gardner, Robert V. O’Neill
Teaching History:  Tennessee 1990-94; Wisconsin 1994-
Ph. D. Students: Tania Schoennagel, Daniel M. Kashian, Mark A. Smith, Jennifer M. Fraterrigo, Mark D. Dixon, Thomas P. Albright, Timothy R. Kuhman, Martin Simard, Jacob M. Griffin, Michelle M. Jackson, Brian J. Harvey
Others influenced: (Post-Docs) Yegang Wu, Scott M. Pearson, Richard O. Flamm, William W. Hargrove, Kimberly O. With, Rebecca A. Reed, Daniel B. Tinker, Joan Riera, Matthias Bürgi, James R. Miller, Kristine L. Metzger, Jeffrey A. Cardille, Dean P. Anderson, Erica A.H. Smithwick , Ishi Buffam, Tammy L. Wilson, Daniel C. Donato, Peter J. Blank, Kevin C. Rose; (Post-MS) Timothy G. Whitby; (M.S. students) Sarah E. Gergel, Katie I. Predick, James D. Forester, Anna E. Marburg, Alysa J. Remsburg, Michael Stevens, Daniel Rutledge, Jill Schnaiberg, Mark Wegener, Christopher Mitchell, Elizabeth A. Levitt, Heather A. Lumpkin; (Undergraduates) Eleanor Erwin, Rebecca Nowak, Sarah Bassack, Bridget Henning, Stephanie Hall, Aisha Ba.
ESA offices and honors:  MacArthur Award 2008; Sustainability Science 2009; Fellow 2012; President 2015-2016
ESA links: MacArthur Award
External links: Wikipedia | NAS profile

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G. David Tilman

G. David Tilman
Born:  Aurora, IL 7/2/1949 (as Titman; name changed in 1976)
Education:  Michigan (B.S. 1979; Ph.D. 1976)
Dissertation title:  Interspecific competition for resources: An experimental and theoretical study.
Advisor: Peter Kilham (C)
Comments: “I was also greatly influenced by Steve Hubbell and John Vandermeer when I was an undergraduate and graduate student, by Susan Kilham, Nelson Hairston, and Dan Janzen as a graduate student, and by Robert May and Paul Ehrlich as a young faculty member.”
Teaching History:  Minnesota 1984-present; UC Santa Barbara 2011-present
Ph. D. Students: Val Smith, Robert Sterner, James Grover, David Wedin  Nancy Collins Johnson,  John Lichter, Evan Siemann, Elena Litchman, Clarence Lehman, Chris Klausmeier, Charles Mitchell, Joseph Fargione, Stan Harpole
Others influenced: (Post-Doctoral Researchers): Richard Inouye, Nancy Huntly, John Pastor, Don Zak, Scott Gleeson, Scott Wilson, Mark Ritchie, Kaoru Kitajima, Walter Carson, Johannes Knops, Bryan Foster , Nick Haddad, Jason Hill , Dario Fornara, Forest Isbell
ESA offices and honors:  Cooper Award 1989; MacArthur Award 1996; Fellow 2012
ESA links: Cooper Award | MacArthur Award
External links: Wikipedia | UMN bio

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William A. Reiners

William A. Reiners
Born: Chicago, IL 6/10/1937
Education: Knox College (B.A. 1959), Rutgers (M.S. 1962; Ph.D. 1964)
Dissertation title: Ecology of a shrub Synusia in an irradiated ecosystem
Advisor: Murray F. Buell
Teaching History: Minnesota 1964-67; Dartmouth 1976-83; Wyoming 1983-2015 (emeritus)
Ph.D. students: Peter M. Vitousek
Others influenced: William H. Schlesinger (undergraduate), Gerald E. Lang (post-doc)
ESA offices and honors:  Treasurer 1981-84, Eminent Ecologist 2013
ESA links:  Eminent Ecologist
External links: Wikipedia

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Alison G. Power

Alison G. Power
Born:  1/28/1953
Education:  Alaska (B.S. 1979); Washington (Ph.D. 1985)
Dissertation title: Plant community diversity, insect movement, and the dynamics of an insect-transmitted plant disease (Ecology 68:1658-1669)
Advisor: Peter M. Kareiva
Teaching History: Cornell 1985—present
ESA offices and honors: V. P. for Public Affairs 2005-08; President 2008-09; Fellow 2012

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Frank A. Pitelka

Frank A. Pitelka
Born: Chicago, IL 3/27/1916; died 10/10/2003
Education: Illinois (B.S. 1939); California (Ph.D. 1946)
Dissertation title:  Speciation and ecologic distribution in American jays of the genus Aphelocoma
Adviser: Alden Miller
Comments: Also influenced by Victor Shelford and Charles Kendeigh as an undergraduate.
Primary specialty: Entomology
Teaching history: California 1946-1985 (became emeritus)
Ph.D. students: Richard B. Root
ESA offices and honors: Mercer Award 1953; Eminent Ecologist 1992
ESA links: Mercer Award | Eminent Ecologist | ESA Obituary
External links: Wikipedia | Smith bios | UCB obituary

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