Henry Chandler Cowles

Name: Henry Chandler Cowles
Born: 02/27/1869
Died: 09/13/1939
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PhD Students: William S. Cooper
Others Influenced: Edgar N. Transeau, John M. Aikman, and Stanley A. Cain
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Henry Chandler Cowles
Born: Kensington, CT 2/27/1869; died 9/12/1939
Education: Oberlin Coll. (A.B. 1893); Chicago (Ph.D. 1898)
Dissertation title: An ecological study of the sand dune flora of northern Indiana (Bot. Gaz. 27:95-117, 167-202, 281-308, 361-391)
Adviser: John M. Coulter (D)
Comments: Also influenced by T. C. Chamberlin, geologist. See article by W. S. Cooper, Ecology 16:281-283.
Teaching history: Gates Coll., NE 1894-95; Chicago 1897-1934.
Ph. D. Students: W. S. Cooper, W. P. Cottam,
G. D. Fuller, E. L. Little, A. G. Vestal
Others influenced: J. M. Aikman, E. Lucy Braun, S. A. Cain, R. W. Chaney, B. E. Livingston, G. E. Nichols, P. B. Sears, V. E. Shelford, E. N. Transeau.
ESA offices and honors: Founder (1914); President 1918.
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Archived Papers: Henry C. Cowles Collection at Chicago
External links: Smith bios | Wikipedia

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