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The Business Manager office began as a position supporting production of the Society’s journals in 1920. It was discontinued in 1995, with the reorganization that created a Governing Board and professional paid staff to replace the ESA Council that was organized in 1946.

According to Robert Burgess, who wrote a history of the Society circa 1976:

“Both major journals have always had a business manager, starting with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for Ecology in 1920. In 1931, with the beginning of Ecological Monographs, Duke University Press furnished a business manager for both journals. The need for this type of professionalism continued to grow, and in 1952, ESA arranged for a business manager for the Society, the first being Henry J. Oosting. Duties were many, but included overseeing the business (i.e., fiscal) operations of the Society—journals, income, expenses, trusts, and general cash flow. He worked closely both with the treasurer and the business manager for the journals, an individual still provided by Duke University Press. In 1970, the importance of a business manager was recognized by placing virtually all financial responsibilities with that office. The treasurer became more of a planning position and figurehead, a situation which continues, but without any movement to abolish the office.”
The Ecological Society of America: Historical Data and Some Preliminary Analyses, by Bob Burgess, ca. 1976

As Burgess explains, the Business Manager for the journals was originally an employee of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Only five people have held the office of Business Manager for ESA as a whole, beginning with H.J. Oosting.

Full Name
Last Name
Bulletin Link
1919Charles Stuart GagerGager
1920Charles Stuart GagerGager
1921Charles Stuart GagerGager
1922Charles Stuart GagerGager
1923Charles Stuart GagerGager
1924Charles Stuart GagerGager
1925Charles Stuart GagerGager
1926Charles Stuart GagerGager
1927Charles Stuart GagerGager
1928Charles Stuart GagerGager
1929Charles Stuart GagerGager
1930Charles Stuart GagerGager
1931Charles Stuart GagerGager
1932Charles Stuart GagerGager
1933Charles Stuart GagerGager
1934Charles Stuart GagerGager
1935Charles Stuart GagerGager
1936Charles Stuart GagerGager
1937Charles Stuart GagerGager
1938Charles Stuart GagerGager
1939Charles Stuart GagerGager
1940Charles Stuart GagerGager
1941Charles Stuart GagerGager
1942Charles Stuart GagerGager
1943Charles Stuart GagerGager
1944George Matthew ReedReed
1945Henry Knute SvensonSvenson
1953Henry John OostingOosting
1954Henry John OostingOosting
1955Henry John OostingOosting
1956Henry John OostingOosting
1957Henry John OostingOosting
1958Henry John OostingOosting
1959Henry John OostingOosting
1960Henry John OostingOosting
1961Henry John OostingOosting
1962Henry John OostingOosting
1963Henry John OostingOosting
1964Henry John OostingOosting
1965Henry John OostingOosting
1966Henry John OostingOosting
1967Henry John OostingOosting
1968William Dwight BillingsBillings
1968William Clark AshbyAshby
1968Henry John OostingOosting
1969William Clark AshbyAshby
1970William Clark AshbyAshby
1971William Clark AshbyAshby
1972William Clark AshbyAshby
1972Ralph Edward GoodGood
1973William Clark AshbyAshby
1973Ralph Edward GoodGood
1974Ralph Edward GoodGood
1975Ralph Edward GoodGood
1976Ralph Edward GoodGood
1977Ralph Edward GoodGood
1978Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1978Ralph Edward GoodGood
1979Ralph Edward GoodGood
1979Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1980Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1981Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1982Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1983Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1984Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1985Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1986Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1987Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1988Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1989Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1990Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1991Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1992Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1993Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1994Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
1995Duncan Theunissen PattenPatten
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