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Turning to a New Century

Outgoing ESA president Dr. Monica Turner highlighted ESA’s first century as she directed attention to present accomplishments and plans for the decades ahead. Her presidential address, The Turn of the Century (28 mb), included callouts to the centennial celebrated last

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2016 HRC-related Sessions at Annual Meeting

August 7-12, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Julie Mulroy and Zoe Nyssa have assembled a terrific program for the Ft. Lauderdale meeting. We have an exceptionally diverse set of disciplines represented, as you will see from the descriptions below. Steven Armour, who

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2015 HRC-sponsored Sessions at Annual Meeting

In recognition of ESA’s centennial celebration this year, HRC’s program subcommittee, chaired by Juliana Mulroy, has worked with committee members and others to put together the following sessions for the August meeting in Baltimore. Special Session: Ecology’s Concepts: How Are

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Annual Meetings Table

Columns for this table are limited to fit on page. For more complete information, see the Full Annual Meetings table or select a meeting of interest. Click arrows in column head to sort by that field.

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2014 HRC programming for ESA

The upcoming Sacramento meeting of the Society August 10-15 features the following sessions organized by HRC’s Program Subcommittee. Download a printable program list. Join us for historical perspectives in these topics: SS 2 Ecological Concepts: Of What Value, and for

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Full Annual Meetings Table

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96th Annual Meeting (2011) Austin

Theme: Earth Stewardship: Preserving and enhancing the earth’s life-support systems August 7-12, 2011, in Austin, Texas, 3721 attendees Opening Plenary Keynote Speaker: Name, title, on topic, title Scientific Plenary Keynote Speaker: : Stephen W. Pacala, ESA MacArthur Lecturer; Director, Princeton

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97th Annual Meeting (2012) Portland

Theme: Life on Earth: Preserving, Utilizing, and Sustaining Ecosystems August 5-10, 2012, in Portland, Oregon, 4992 attendees Opening Plenary Keynote Speaker: Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D., Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric

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Meeting Attendance

Graph of meeting attendance displaying data found in Meetings Table

Some recent and upcoming annual meetings

101st Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, FL, August 7-12, 2016

Novel Ecosystems in the Anthropocene

100th Annual Meeting, Baltimore MD, August 9-14, 2015 Ecological Science at the Frontier: Celebrating ESA’s Centennial

99th Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CA, August 10-15, 2014 From Oceans to Mountains: It’s All Ecology

minn2polis201398th Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, August 4-9, 2013
Sustainable Pathways: Learning from the Past and Shaping the Future

logo201297th Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, August 5-10, 2012

Life on Earth: Preserving, Utilizing, and Sustaining Ecosystems

austin201196th Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, August 7-12, 2011

Earth Stewardship: Preserving and enhancing the earth's life-support systems

See ESA for future meetings and more past meetings.