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F. Stuart Chapin III

F. Stuart Chapin III (Terry) Born: Portland, OR 2/2/1944 Education: Swarthmore (BA 1966); Stanford (Ph. D. 1973) Dissertation title: Morphological and physiological mechanisms of temperature compensation in phosphate absorption along a latitudinal gradient (Science 183:521-523; Ecology 55:1180-1198) Adviser: H. A.

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Ruth Myrtle Patrick, 1907-2013

With the death of botanist and limnologist Ruth Patrick last fall (Sept 23, 2013) we wanted to share something about her illustrious career covering much of the last century! We were fortunate to have an excellent presentation on Dr. Patrick

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Mary Minerva Steagall

She joined the Biology Department at Southern Illinois University (SIU, then Southern Illinois Normal College, SINC) in 1913 and became its head in 1921, a position she held until her retirement 17 years later at the age of 71. After

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Transeau Resolution of Respect

EDGAR NELSON TRANSEAU 1875-1960 President (1924) of the E.S.A. As published in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America, Vol. 41, No. 2 (Jun, 1960), pp. 62-64. At Jstor stable URL. The greatest contribution of Edgar Nelson Transeau is

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William Skinner Cooper

William S. Cooper Born: Detroit, MI 8/25/1884; died 10/8/1978 Education: Alma Coll. (B.S. 1906), Johns Hopkins (1906-07, no degree), Chicago (Ph.D. 1911) Dissertation title: The climax forest of Isle Royale, Lake Superior, and its development (Bot. Gaz. 55:1-44, 115-140, 189-235)

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Arthur W. Cooper

Arthur W. Cooper Born: Washington, DC 8/15/1931 Education: Colgate (B.A. 1953, M.A. 1955); Michigan (Ph.D. 1958). Dissertation title: Plant life-forms as indicators of microclimate (Ecol. Mon. 31:31-59) Adviser: Stanley A. Cain (C) Comments: Teaching history: N.C. State 1958-71, 1976-2001 (emeritus).

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Frederic E. Clements

Frederic E. Clements Born: Lincoln, NE 9/16/1874; died 7/26/1945 Education: Nebraska (B. Sc. 1894, M.A. 1396, Ph.D. 1898) Dissertation title: The phytogeography of Nebraska (presented jointly with H. L. Shantz ESA offices and honors: None. ESA links: Archived papers: Inventory

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Norman L. Christensen

Norman L. Christensen Born: Fresno, CA 12/28/1946 Education: Cal State Fresno (AB 1968, MS 1970); UC Santa Barbara (Ph.D. 1973) Dissertation title: Effects of fire on factors controlling plant growth in Adenostoma chaparral (Science 181:66-68; Ecol. Mon. 45 29-55.) Adviser:

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John E. Cantlon

>John E. Cantlon Born: Sparks, NV 10/6/1921 Education: Nevada (B.S. 1947), Rutgers (Ph.D. 1950). Dissertation title: Vegetation and microclimates on north and south slopes of Cushetunk Mt., New Jersey (Ecol. Mon. 23:241-270) Adviser: M. F. Buell (C) Comments: Worked with

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Stanley A. Cain

Stanley A. Cain Born: Jefferson Co. IN 6/19/1902; died 4/1/1995 Education: Butler Univ. (B.S. 1924); Chicago (M.S. 1927, Ph.D. 1930) Dissertation title: An ecological study of the heath balds of the Great Smoky Mountains. (Butler Univ. Bot. Stud. 1:117-208) Adviser:

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