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ESA Bulletin reflects on the Society’s first 100 years

In recognition of ESA’s centennial in 2015, the Bulletin is publishing a series on the Society’s history, its practitioners, and the history of ecology as a discipline. Most links below open PDFs from the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of

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ESA’s Fifth Decade: A Period of Growth

By Kiyoko Miyanishi Reprinted from the ESA Bulletin, Vol 96(1), January 2015, pp 41-44. ESA’s fifth decade (1956–1965) began with its membership standing at 1364. With the Membership Committee’s concerted efforts (such as scanning over 40 scientific journals to identify

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ESA’s Fourth Decade: The Post-War Years

By Kiyoko Miyanishi Reprinted from the ESA Bulletin, Vol 95(4), October 2014, pp 303-317. ESA’s fourth decade (1946–1955) coincided with the start of the Cold War, and the Society was not immune to its impact. The September 1951 Bulletin reported

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ESA and the Ecologists’ Union

Note: The following is a transcription of this report, which originally appeared in the Bulletin in 1978. Original page numbers are inserted in brackets. Brackets are also used to indicate words whose spelling has been corrected from the original. Please

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ESA’s Third Decade: The War Years

By Kiyoko Miyanishi Reprinted from the ESA Bulletin, Vol 95(2), April 2014. Although ESA membership had declined significantly during its second decade, most likely due to the depression, it regained its former numbers to ~700 by the 1942 directory. Generally,

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Resources for History of ESA

We recently received the following request via the contact form on this website. I am Polish student of SGGW (University of Life Sciences) in Warsaw. Now I am studying Biology and I am writing my Bachelor titled: “Evolution of ecology

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History of HRC

HISTORY OF ESA’S HISTORICAL RECORDS COMMITTEE by Dennis H. Knight and Douglas G. Sprugel PDF as published ESA Bulletin, Vol 96(1):32-40, January 2015 At ESA’s 21st annual meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1936, the members in attendance passed

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ESA History by Bob Burgess

In about 1976, Dr. Robert Burgess prepared a review of ESA’s history that is the basis for much of our work here. We are expanding on it as we develop new information, but it remains an excellent review that is

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A note on the history of the ECOLOG listserv

If you’re already a member of the ECOLOG listserv this won’t be news to you, and if you’re not a member this might just get you to sign up! David Inouye sent the following message and graph on February 26th:

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Living Past Presidents

Note: This timeline is a work in progress, by the Past Presidents Committee, under the direction of Dr. Jean H. Langenheim. It provides the perspectives of presidents from 1968 to 2015 on the events and accomplishments of their time in

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