Ecological Century: Perspectives on the Evolution of the Discipline

OPS 3 Ecological Century: Perspectives on the Evolution of the Discipline
Wednesday, August 13, 2014: 4:30 PM-6:30 PM at the
Exhibit Hall, Sacramento Convention Center
Organized by Kathleen J. Fichtel and Juliana C. Mulroy

The Historical Records Committee is sponsoring this session in order to provide a forum for fostering discussion about the history of ecology and of the Ecological Society of America as the Centennial approaches. Five posters explore the influence of Victor Shelford’s undergraduate years on his career, provide context for Ruth Patrick’s role as a woman in ecology for the past century, review the history of vegetation classification, and outline the evolution of ESA’s history information in online media. Finally, the results of our Special Session on Ecological Concepts will be presented in poster form.

Details at EcoConfex program page.

OPS 3-1 Taking historical records online: ESA’s evolving digital footprint
Sally L. White, Morrison, CO; Robert K. Peet, University of North Carolina; C. Susannah Tysor, University of British Columbia

OPS 3-2 Appalachian Springboard: ESA co-founder Victor Shelford and his undergraduate experience at West Virginia University
Kathleen J. Fichtel, West Virginia University; Robert H. Jones, West Virginia University

OPS 3-3 The Dark Ages: The historical and societal context for the work of Ruth Patrick and Women in Ecology Daniel S. Song, University of Pennsylvania

OPS 3-5 History of the United States National Vegetation Classification System
Scott B. Franklin, University of Northern Colorado; Robert K. Peet,University of North Carolina; David Roberts, Montana State University;Orie L. Loucks, Miami University; Michael Jennings, University of Idaho;Alexa McKerrow, United States Geological Survey; Don Faber-Langendoen, NatureServe

OPS 3-6 Ecological concepts: Of what value, and for whom? Results of a survey
William A. Reiners, University of Wyoming

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