ESA Journals

The Society currently publishes the following journals:

  • Bulletin: Founded in 1917, this quarterly is ESA’s oldest journal. It publishes announcements of meetings, programs, awards, articles, and items of current interest to members.
  • Ecology: Published since 1920, this monthly publication reports on basic elements of ecological research…
  • Ecological Applications: This journal began in 1991 in order to highlight applications of ecological science to environmental problems. Eight times a year, it publishes papers that develop scientific principles to support environmental decision-making.
  • Ecological Archives: publishes appendices, supplements, and data papers related to articles that appear in other ESA journals.
  • Ecological Monographs: Initiated in 1931 to accommodate longer articles, EM ranked 5th out of 136 journals in impact factor for the “Ecology” category in 2012.
  • Ecosphere: Published monthly, online-only, this open-access alternative is ESA’s newest publication (2010).
  • Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, issued 10 times per year since 2003, contains peer-reviewed, synthetic review articles, short, high-impact research communications of broad interdisciplinary appeal and features of interest. Its impact factor (2012) was 6 out of 136 in the “Ecology” category, ranking right behind Ecological Monographs, and 3rd out of 209 journals in the “Environmental Science” category.

For a list of journal editors through the years, please see our archived Editor pages.

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