The Council Member-at-Large positions started in 1948 and were transferred to the Governing Board on its creation in 1995. Three members-at-large are elected for two-year terms. All officers assume their positions at the conclusion of the annual meeting. Past and current Members-at-Large are displayed in the table below, which may be sorted by name, office, or year by clicking on the appropriate column heading.

YearFull NameLast NameBulletin Link
1948Gordon AlexanderAlexander
1948Howard E. BrewerBrewer
1948Carl L. HubbsHubbs
1948Charles Edward OlmsteadOlmstead
1950Bostwick Hawley KetchumKetchum
1950Royal Eastman ShanksShanks
1951John Ernest PotzgerPotzger
1951Angus M. WoodburyWoodbury
1952J.R. AdamsAdams
1952Henry Ives BaldwinBaldwin
1954Ezra Henry MossMoss
1954Aaron John SharpSharp
1955Stanley Adair CainCain
1955Reed Winget FautinFautin
1957Edward Everett DaleDale
1957John H. DavisDavis
1957Eugene Pleasants OdumOdum
1958Edward Everett DaleDale
1958Lincoln EllisonEllison
1958Clarence James GoodnightGoodnight
1959Edward Everett DaleDale
1959John RankinRankin
1960Edward Everett DaleDale
1960Rexford F. DaubenmireDaubenmire
1961Edward Everett DaleDale
1961Rexford F. DaubenmireDaubenmire
1962Adolph Marvin SteblerStebler
1963Paul Shultz MartinMartin
1964George Daniel Grice Jr.Grice
1965Calvin McMillanMcMillan
1966Frank John VernbergVernberg
1967Lawrence Carroll BlissBliss
1968Lawrence Richards PomeroyPomeroy
1968Frederick Edward SmithSmith
1969Frederick Edward SmithSmith
1969Robert Harding WhittakerWhittaker
1970Robert George WetzelWetzel
1970Robert Harding WhittakerWhittaker
1971Martyn Mathews CaldwellCaldwell
1971Robert George WetzelWetzel
1972Martyn Mathews CaldwellCaldwell
1972Charles Remington GoldmanGoldman
1973Josephine K. DohertyDoherty
1973Charles Remington GoldmanGoldman
1974Josephine K. DohertyDoherty
1974David Edward ReichleReichle
1975David Edward ReichleReichle
1975Rebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1976Neil F. HadleyHadley
1976Rebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1977Neil F. HadleyHadley
1977Frances Crews JamesJames
1978Kenneth William CumminsCummins
1978Frances Crews JamesJames
1979Kenneth William CumminsCummins
1979Patricia Ann WernerWerner
1980William Anthony LaycockLaycock
1980Patricia Ann WernerWerner
1981William Anthony LaycockLaycock
1981John Anthony WiensWiens
1982Jane LubchencoLubchenco
1982John Anthony WiensWiens
1983Jane LubchencoLubchenco
1983Rebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1984Norma Lee FowlerFowler
1984Rebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1985Peter FeinsingerFeinsinger
1985Norma Lee FowlerFowler
1986Peter FeinsingerFeinsinger
1986Patrice A. MorrowMorrow
1987Warren Gene Abrahamson IIIAbrahamson
1987Patrice A. MorrowMorrow
1988Warren Gene Abrahamson IIIAbrahamson
1988Joseph TravisTravis
1989William E. NeillNeill
1989Joseph TravisTravis
1990Jessica GurevitchGurevitch
1990William E. NeillNeill
1991Julie DenslowDenslow
1991Jessica GurevitchGurevitch
1992Francis Stuart Chapin IIIChapin
1992Julie DenslowDenslow
1992Mary Eleanor PowerPower
1993Francis Stuart Chapin IIIChapin
1993Mary Eleanor PowerPower
1994Susan P. HarrisonHarrison
1994Mary Eleanor PowerPower
1995Virgina House DaleDale
1995Susan P. HarrisonHarrison
1995Mary Eleanor PowerPower
1996Virgina House DaleDale
1996Nelson George Hairston Jr.Hairston
1996Laura F. HuennekeHuenneke
1996Mary Eleanor PowerPower
1997Jill Spann BaronBaron
1997Nelson George Hairston Jr.Hairston
1997Laura F. HuennekeHuenneke
1998Jill Spann BaronBaron
1998Robin ChazdonChazdon
1998Ariel E. LugoLugo
1999Robin ChazdonChazdon
1999Rodolfo DirzoDirzo
1999Ariel E. LugoLugo
2000Julie DenslowDenslow
2000Rodolfo DirzoDirzo
2000James Roman GoszGosz
2001Sharon Kay CollingeCollinge
2001Julie DenslowDenslow
2001James Roman GoszGosz
2002Sharon Kay CollingeCollinge
2002Edward A. JohnsonJohnson
2002Osvaldo Esteban SalaSala
2003Edward A. JohnsonJohnson
2003Margaret Ann PalmerPalmer
2003Osvaldo Esteban SalaSala
2004P. Dee BoersmaBoersma
2004Shahid NaeemNaeem
2004Margaret Ann PalmerPalmer
2005P. Dee BoersmaBoersma
2005Shahid NaeemNaeem
2005Dennis Shoji OjimaOjima
2006Juan ArmestoArmesto
2006Jayne BelknapBelknap
2006Dennis Shoji OjimaOjima
2007Juan ArmestoArmesto
2007Jayne BelknapBelknap
2007Ann P. KinzigKinzig
2007Joshua SchimelSchimel
2008Ann P. KinzigKinzig
2008Joshua SchimelSchimel
2008Emily H. StanleyStanley
2009Debra PetersPeters
2009Joshua SchimelSchimel
2009Emily H. StanleyStanley
2010Lisa J. GraumlichGraumlich
2010Andrea H. LloydLloyd
2010Joshua SchimelSchimel
2011Lisa J. GraumlichGraumlich
2011Andrea H. LloydLloyd
2011Joshua SchimelSchimel
2012Stephen T. JacksonJackson
2012Michelle MackMack
2013Carmen CidCid
2013Stephen T. JacksonJackson
2013Michelle MackMack
2014Carmen CidCid
1940Francis RamaleyRamaley
1931Francis RamaleyRamaley
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