In the Society’s early decades, the President was elected annually to serve for one calendar year. By 1950, the annual meeting had settled into mid-year dates and was no longer held in late December. Therefore, beginning in 1968, the term of office was changed to run from one annual meeting, currently held in August, to the next. The President serves on the Governing Board.

Beginning in 1995, ESA began electing a President-Elect rather than a President and Vice-President. The person elected would then take office at the following annual meeting, serve for one year, then become Past-president, effectively creating a three-year term of office.

Living Past Presidents collectively continue to serve as an informal committee, and take on various roles.

For the Past President’s Addresses, see here.

Our Twitter series of little known facts about past ESA presidents is presented here.

Start yearEnd yearFull NameLast NameBulletin Link
19161916Victor Ernest ShelfordShelford
19171917Ellsworth HuntingtonHuntington
19181918Henry Chandler CowlesCowles
19191919Barrington MooreMoore
19201920Barrington MooreMoore
19211921Stephen Alfred ForbesForbes
19221922Forrest ShreveShreve
19231923Charles Christopher AdamsAdams
19241924Edgar Nelson TranseauTranseau
19251925Arthur Sperry PearsePearse
19261926John William HarshbergerHarshberger
19271927Chancey JudayJuday
19281928Homer Leroy ShantzShantz
19291929Warder Clyde AlleeAllee
19301930John Ernst WeaverWeaver
19311931Asa Orrin WeeseWeese
19321932George Elwood NicholsNichols
19331933Edwin Booth PowersPowers
19341934George Damon FullerFuller
19351935Walter Penn TaylorTaylor
19361936William Skinner CooperCooper
19371937Robert Ervin CokerCoker
19381938Herbert Christian HansonHanson
19391939Charles Taylor VorhiesVorhies
19401940Francis RamaleyRamaley
19411941Alfred Edwards EmersonEmerson
19421942Clarence Ferdinand KorstianKorstian
19431943Orlando ParkPark
19441944Robert Fiske GriggsGriggs
19451945Alfred Clarence RedfieldRedfield
19461946John Mulvaney AikmanAikman
19471947Rand Aldo LeopoldLeopold
19481948Paul Bigelow SearsSears
19491949Zeno Payne MetcalfMetcalf
19501950Emma Lucy BraunBraun
19511951Samuel Charles KendeighKendeigh
19521952Frank Caleb GatesGates
19531953Lee Raymond DiceDice
19541954John Ernest PotzgerPotzger
19551955William John Hamilton Jr.Hamilton
19561956Henry John OostingOosting
19571957William Albert DreyerDreyer
19581958Stanley Adair CainCain
19591959Thomas ParkPark
19601960Charles Edward OlmstedOlmsted
19611961Arthur Davis HaslerHasler
19621962Murray Fife BuellBuell
19631963William Franklin BlairBlair
19641964John Frederick ReedReed
19651965Eugene Pleasants OdumOdum
19661966Bostwick Hawley KetchumKetchum
19671967Rexford F. DaubenmireDaubenmire
19681968LaMont Cook ColeCole
19681969John Edward CantlonCantlon
19691970Edward Smith Deevey Jr.DeeveyPres bio
19701971Frederick Herbert BormannBormannPres bio
19711972Stanley Irving AuerbachAuerbachPres bio
19721973Robert Baxter PlattPlattPres bio
19731974Frederick Edward SmithSmithPres bio
19741975Richard Samuel MillerMiller
19751976Forest Walden StearnsStearns
19761977Frank Benjamin GolleyGolley
19771978George Masters WoodwellWoodwell
19781979William Dwight BillingsBillings
19791980Robert Treat PainePaine
19801981Arthur Wells CooperCooper
19811982Gene Elden LikensLikens
19821983Lawrence Carroll BlissBliss
19831984Francis Cope EvansEvans
19841985Paul Gillan RisserRisser
19851986Richard Bruce RootRoot
19861987Jean Harmon LangenheimLangenheim
19871988Margaret Bryan DavisDavis
19881989Harold A. MooneyMooney
19891990Dennis Hal KnightKnight
19901991Simon Asher LevinLevin
19911992H. Ronald PulliamPulliam
19921993Jane LubchencoLubchenco
19931994Jerry Forest FranklinFranklin
19941995Judy Lynn MeyerMeyer
19951996Gordon Howell OriansOrians
19961997James Hemphill BrownBrown
19971998James A. MacMahonMacMahon
19981999Katherine Lynn GrossGrossPres bio
19992000Diana Harrison WallWallPres bio
20002001Stephen Russell CarpenterCarpenterPres bio
20012002Pamela Anne MatsonMatsonPres bio
20022003Ann Marie BartuskaBartuskaPres bio
20032004William Harrison SchlesingerSchlesingerPres bio
20042005Jerry Michael MelilloMelillo
20052006Nancy Beth GrimmGrimm
20062007Alan Paul CovichCovich
20072008Norman LeRoy Christensen Jr.Christensen
20082009Alison Gail PowerPower
20092010Mary Eleanor PowerPower
20102011Francis Stuart Chapin IIIChapin
20112012Steward T.A. PickettPickett
20122013Scott L. CollinsCollins
20132014Jill Spann BaronBaron
20142015David William InouyeInouye
20152016Monica TurnerTurner


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