Secretaries and Treasurers

Originally, ESA members elected a President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer, so this was a combined role. A separate office of Treasurer was created in 1939, but was gradually supplanted by the Business Manager office, created in 1952/54.

“For the first 22 years of its existence, ESA had a combination secretary-treasurer. Recognizing that a degree of continuity was essential to the administration of a young society, these officers were elected for more than one year. Forrest Shreve (1916-1919) and A. O. Weese (1920-1930) carried the Society through its formative (and crucial) years. Shelford (1938) states, “The society was guided and its policies given continuity for the first 16 years of its existence through the unbroken services of these two men whose enthusiasm kept life and progress in the organization while maintaining an unusual harmony because of their kindly and cordial personalities.”

In 1938, the offices were divided, with Orlando Park choosing to remain as secretary and Stanley Cain elected treasurer. This arrangement has persisted to the present, with three- to five-year terms, usually staggered, being the general rule.”
The Ecological Society of America: Historical Data and Some Preliminary Analyses, by Bob Burgess, ca. 1976

Full Name
Last Name
Bulletin Link
1915SecForrest ShreveShreve
1916SecForrest ShreveShreve
1917SecForrest ShreveShreve
1918SecForrest ShreveShreve
1919SecForrest ShreveShreve
1919SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1920SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1921SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1922SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1923SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1924SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1925SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1926SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1927SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1928SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1929SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1930SecAsa Orrin WeeseWeese
1931SecAlfred Edwards EmersonEmerson
1932SecAaron Raymond KienholzKienholz
1934SecArthur Gibson VestalVestal
1936SecOrlando ParkPark
1937SecOrlando ParkPark
1939SecWilliam John Hamilton Jr.Hamilton
1939TresStanley Adair CainCain
1940SecWilliam John Hamilton Jr.Hamilton
1941TresRoyal Eastman ShanksShanks
1941SecWilliam Albert DreyerDreyer
1942SecWilliam Albert DreyerDreyer
1943TresStanley Adair CainCain
1943TresHenry John OostingOosting
1943SecWilliam Albert DreyerDreyer
1944SecWilliam Albert DreyerDreyer
1944TresHenry John OostingOosting
1945TresHenry John OostingOosting
1945SecWilliam Albert DreyerDreyer
1946SecWilliam Albert DreyerDreyer
1946TresHenry John OostingOosting
1947TresHenry John OostingOosting
1947SecWilliam Albert DreyerDreyer
1948TresHenry John OostingOosting
1948SecWilliam Augustus CastleCastle
1949SecWilliam Augustus CastleCastle
1949TresHenry John OostingOosting
1950TresWilliam Theodore PenfoundPenfound
1950TresFrederick Harold TestTest
1951TresFrederick Harold TestTest
1951SecMurray Fife BuellBuell
1952SecMurray Fife BuellBuell
1952TresFrederick Harold TestTest
1953TresFrederick Harold TestTest
1953SecJohn Frederick ReedReed
1954TresFrederick Harold TestTest
1954SecJohn Frederick ReedReed
1955TresAlexander Carlton HodsonHodson
1955SecJohn Frederick ReedReed
1956TresAlexander Carlton HodsonHodson
1956SecJohn Frederick ReedReed
1957TresJohn Stiles DendyDendy
1957SecJohn Frederick ReedReed
1957SecJohn Edward CantlonCantlon
1958TresJohn Stiles DendyDendy
1958SecJohn Edward CantlonCantlon
1958TresKirby Lee HaysHays
1959TresKirby Lee HaysHays
1959SecJohn Edward CantlonCantlon
1960SecJohn Edward CantlonCantlon
1960TresKirby Lee HaysHays
1961TresKirby Lee HaysHays
1961SecJohn Edward CantlonCantlon
1962SecPaul Guy PearsonPearson
1962TresKirby Lee HaysHays
1963SecPaul Guy PearsonPearson
1963TresKirby Lee HaysHays
1964SecStanley Irving AuerbachAuerbach
1964TresRalph Walter KeltingKelting
1965TresRalph Walter KeltingKelting
1965SecStanley Irving AuerbachAuerbach
1966SecStanley Irving AuerbachAuerbach
1967SecStanley Irving AuerbachAuerbach
1967TresWilliam Clark AshbyAshby
1968SecStanley Irving AuerbachAuerbach
1968TresShelby Delos GerkingGerking
1968TresWilliam Clark AshbyAshby
1969SecStanley Irving AuerbachAuerbach
1969TresShelby Delos GerkingGerking
1970SecStanley Irving AuerbachAuerbach
1970SecWilliam Albert NieringNiering
1970SecJ. Frank McCormickMcCormick
1970TresShelby Delos GerkingGerking
1971SecJ. Frank McCormickMcCormick
1971TresShelby Delos GerkingGerking
1971TresForest Walden StearnsStearns
1972SecJ. Frank McCormickMcCormick
1972TresForest Walden StearnsStearns
1972TresShelby Delos GerkingGerking
1973SecJ. Frank McCormickMcCormick
1973TresForest Walden StearnsStearns
1974SecJ. Frank McCormickMcCormick
1974TresForest Walden StearnsStearns
1974SecEdward John KormondyKormondy
1975SecEdward John KormondyKormondy
1975TresForest Walden StearnsStearns
1975SecJ. Frank McCormickMcCormick
1975TresPaul Guy PearsonPearson
1976TresLawrence Carroll BlissBliss
1976SecEdward John KormondyKormondy
1976TresPaul Guy PearsonPearson
1977SecPaul Gillan RisserRisser
1977TresLawrence Carroll BlissBliss
1977SecEdward John KormondyKormondy
1978SecEdward John KormondyKormondy
1978TresLawrence Carroll BlissBliss
1978SecPaul Gillan RisserRisser
1979SecPaul Gillan RisserRisser
1979TresLawrence Carroll BlissBliss
1980SecPaul Gillan RisserRisser
1980TresWilliam A. ReinersReiners
1980SecRobert Patrick McIntoshMcIntosh
1980TresLawrence Carroll BlissBliss
1981SecPaul Gillan RisserRisser
1981TresLawrence Carroll BlissBliss
1981TresWilliam A. ReinersReiners
1981SecRobert Patrick McIntoshMcIntosh
1982TresWilliam A. ReinersReiners
1982SecRobert Patrick McIntoshMcIntosh
1983SecRobert Patrick McIntoshMcIntosh
1983TresWilliam A. ReinersReiners
1983TresPaul Alfred ColinvauxColinvaux
1984TresWilliam A. ReinersReiners
1984SecRobert Patrick McIntoshMcIntosh
1984TresPaul Alfred ColinvauxColinvaux
1985TresPaul Alfred ColinvauxColinvaux
1985SecHazel Roach DelcourtDelcourt
1985SecRobert Patrick McIntoshMcIntosh
1986TresPaul Alfred ColinvauxColinvaux
1986SecHazel Roach DelcourtDelcourt
1986TresRebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1987TresRebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1987SecHazel Roach DelcourtDelcourt
1987TresPaul Alfred ColinvauxColinvaux
1988TresRebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1988SecHazel Roach DelcourtDelcourt
1989TresRebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1989SecHazel Roach DelcourtDelcourt
1989TresLouis Frank PitelkaPitelka
1990TresLouis Frank PitelkaPitelka
1990SecHazel Roach DelcourtDelcourt
1990TresRebecca Reyburn SharitzSharitz
1991SecRobert Krug PeetPeet
1991TresLouis Frank PitelkaPitelka
1991SecHazel Roach DelcourtDelcourt
1992TresLouis Frank PitelkaPitelka
1992SecRobert Krug PeetPeet
1993TresLouis Frank PitelkaPitelka
1993SecRobert Krug PeetPeet
1994TresLouis Frank PitelkaPitelka
1994SecRobert Krug PeetPeet
1994SecNancy J. HuntlyHuntly
1995TresLouis Frank PitelkaPitelka
1995SecNancy J. HuntlyHuntly
1995SecRobert Krug PeetPeet
1996SecNancy J. HuntlyHuntly
1997SecLisa J. GraumlichGraumlich
1997SecNancy J. HuntlyHuntly
1998SecLisa J. GraumlichGraumlich
1998SecNancy J. HuntlyHuntly
1999SecLisa J. GraumlichGraumlich
2000SecJill Spann BaronBaron
2000SecLisa J. GraumlichGraumlich
2001SecJill Spann BaronBaron
2001SecLisa J. GraumlichGraumlich
2002SecJill Spann BaronBaron
2003SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2003SecJill Spann BaronBaron
2004SecJill Spann BaronBaron
2004SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2005SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2006SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2007SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2008SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2009SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
2009SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2010SecDavid William InouyeInouye
2010SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
2011SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
2012SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
2013SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
2014SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
2015SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
2016SecCharles D. CanhamCanham
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