International Environmental Programs, Societies, and Conventions
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Welcome to the International Affairs Section Web Page

The goals of the International Affairs Section (IAS) are to:

  1. support the relationships between ESA members and the world-wide community of ecologists, both individually and through international organizations such as INTECOL;
  2. to develop more effective communication among ecologists on international issues;
  3. to express opinion and concern on global environmental issues; and
  4. to support the society's policies and goals with respect to international issues and relationships.

To support that mission the IAS sponsors scientific symposium at our annual meetings and occasionally provides workshops and evening sessions on topics of practical concern for researchers working internationally. Below are some links you may find helpful. Please let us know if you have any links to add or discover any dead links.

The International Environmental Programs, Societies, and Conventions Index is part of ESA's larger effort to provide information on global activities.

This index will be useful to ecologists who are interested in extending their research, knowledge, and general ecological interests into the international arena. This website, supersedes a previous IAS website with international contact, which is the result of a discussion held at the ESA 2000 Annual Meeting in Snowbird, UT "ESA/SBI International Activities Roundtable." Discussion focused on ways ESA could get more involved in international ecological research activities.

This website highlights prominent international programs that focus on an array of ecological issues such as biodiversity, invasive species, climate change, monitoring of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, natural resource assessments, modeling, and global ecological informatics. ESA also wants to draw attention to other ecological societies around the world. These organizations are primary sources of ecological information in their respective countries. Lastly, the Index highlights international conventions that establish frameworks for global environmental policies.

All of these sources contain links for further information.

Thanks for visiting this site and please attend our business meeting and mixer held at our annual meeting.

Sincerely yours,
Jacoby Carter, Chair of the International Affairs Section.

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