Section News

At the 100th ESA meeting in Baltimore, MD the Microbial Ecology Section will be continuing its Composter Outreach Program by awarding composting kits to community gardens located in Baltimore. Through Naima Jenkins of the University of Maryland Extension, we selected the following awardees: Victorine Q. Adams. Community Garden (Winner of the Best Community Garden Award in 2014), Cherry Hill Urban Garden (A garden in the City’s largest food desert), and a third yet to be determined. During this Year’s meeting, representatives of the Microbial Ecology Section will tour these gardens, and Naima Jenkins will be recognized for her support during our Tuesday evening mixer. In addition to donating composting kits, former Section Chair, Jessica Gutknecht and Nadia Alsadi have developed materials that will guide educators and community groups in composting and garden education. A first draft of this material has been completed and is undergoing final editing. We plan to have copies of the completed draft available at our section booth during this year’s meeting and will provide print and electronic copies to all future awardees.

This is the second year that the Microbial Ecology Section is conducting this program. Last year’s winner was Floyd Elementary School, Sacramento, CA.