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June 8, 2018

We have MANY exciting events planned for the ESA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA! Come check them out on our annual meeting page.

Also, the deadline for student travel awards is Friday June 15, 2018. See the application requirements on our policy awards page.


October 6, 2017

Election results: Sarah Anderson (Chair), Anjali Kumar (Chair-elect), Caroline Ridley (Secretary)


September 2017

Call for nominations

It is again time to elect new officers to the Policy Section. Election information is as follows:

Officer Elections

  • All of the section officers are up for election
    • Chair – one year term (Fall 2017 – Fall 2018)
    • Chair-Elect – one year term (Fall 2017 – Fall 2018, becomes chair for Fall 2018-2019 when new chair-elect is elected)
    • Secretary – one year term (Fall 2017-Fall 2018)
  • Nominations Due September 22, 2017
  • Serving as a section officer is a great way to get more involved in the section, and all section members are eligible to run for a position, regardless of career stage or length of previous section membership.
  • A full description of officer duties can be found in our section bylaws. If you would like to talk more about the duties of any of these officers, can contact Astrid Caldas (


July 27, 2017

Volunteers for Section Booth

During the Annual Meeting, the Policy Section will have a section booth in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic chapter. We are looking for members to sign up for times to watch the booth and interact with the ESA community (talking points will be provided). We hope to have one Policy Section member and one Mid-Atlantic member present at the booth at all times. Sign up slots range from 1 hour to 1:30 hour commitments. To sign up, click on the link below to access the google spreadsheet and add your name and email address on the date/time which works for you.
Link to spreadsheet:

April 2, 2017

October 17, 2016

      • Election results: Astrid Caldas (Chair), Riley Buley (Secretary)

August 4, 2016

October 13, 2015

      • Election results: Andrea Maguire (Chair), Julian Reyes (Secretary)

April 6, 2015: ESA Student Blog post on Policy Section | Science-Policy Interface: Where the Science of Ecology Meets the Public Domain of Decision Making


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