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You can now view a digital sneak peek our 2015 SBI Strategies for Success course book! This mini book provides an overview of what you will learn in the Strategies for Success course, along with copies of templates, tools, and worksheets that can can help all project leaders.

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Bplans: free information on business planning, examples, templates. Also sells business planning software, has links to data, provides model plans by type of business or service.

Business Model Generation: courses, web and iPad applications, and book (provided with course materials).

Foundation Center: free basic information on over 100,000 foundations, staff support, and short courses.

Setting the Proposal Ask using Form 990s: (To set your proposal ask, review 3 most recent 990’s to see typical grants for the kind of work/organization you will be proposing. Ask for a typical grant)

Goodman Center: resources on storytelling, presenting, and strategic communications.

GrantSpace: a service of the Foundation Center, information and resources for securing funding and operating effective organizations, for example sample proposals prepared in private foundation style.

Ithaka S+R: a research and consulting service that is part of Ithaka, which also includes JSTOR and PORTICO. Includes a wide range of reports on sustainability of digital resources.

Mind Tools: wide range of resources in leadership, project management, communications, and creativity.

MIT Enterprise Forum’s Business Plan Resource Guide, a list of resources focused on writing a business plan. Plans/bplans.html#010

Small Business Administration online help: has an online tutorial for preparing a plan. Also see the Women’s Business Center on the SBA site:

Yale School of Management: The Goldman Sachs Foundation Partnership on Nonprofit Ventures has a great informative website including an online resource center with a library on nonprofit enterprise with an extensive annotated 50 page bibliography (including a category on Guides for Writing Business Plans.


Business Plan Pro 2002 at

Bulletproof BizPlans at