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Biodiversity Club/ESA SEEDS Chapter at San Jose State University at San Jose State University


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  • Joshua Mackie, Lecturer
  • Email:


Chapter Activities


A descriptive summary of each of the major Chapter activities (seminars/workshops, field trips, fundraisers, outreach/community service, etc.) during the past academic year. The activity, the timeframe, and the persons involved (Chapter members, campus, school students, community, etc.). People who were included and served, and how many.

World Water Day – Olinder Elementary School: Five members involved; 120 elementary age students involved; 200+ Community members reached as all the children were sent home with folders provided by the Biodiversity Club with information in them about sustainable practices at home.
Castle Rock Outreach Event – Castle Rock State Park: Seven members involved; three other students were also reached.
Earth Day 2012 – SJSU: Three members involved; 12 community members/students reached.
ESA Annual Conference – Portland: Two members involved; 15 students/scientists reached excluding those who may read our abstract in the abstract book or view our poster on the F1000 website.
Student Organization Day – SJSU: Five members involved; 27+ students reached, of these five have become regular members.
Fire on the Fountain – SJSU: Six members involved; 100+ college aged students reached
Activity Day – Anne Darling Elementary: Two members involved; 120 elementary age students reached.
Community Garden Building – Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace: Three members involved; 20 people in the apartment complex were reached; new tenants and people in the surrounding neighborhood may also be affected.
Fruit Picking Event – Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace: Two members involved; the fruit picked from this event was donated to nearby elementary schools and food banks to be distributed to the community.
Green Halloween – Martin Park: Five members involved; 33 elementary/junior high aged children reached; 45 total community members reached between the children’s parents and others who happened to stop at our table including a city council member, Sam Liccardo!
Alum Rock Outreach Event – Alum Rock County Park: Five members involved!
Activity Day – McKinley Elementary School: Three members involved; 55 elementary aged students reached.
Children’s Teaching Garden: 3-5 members involved; this project will allow many years of students the opportunity to see the life stages of plants and feel a sense of ownership for their own garden. The number of students that will be reached could be endless.
Weekly Meetings – SJSU: 8-13 members involved; Weekly discussion of upcoming events, internship possibilities, as well as the occasional guest speaker.

What best describes the activities of your chapter this past academic year?

Chapter Invigoration/Recruitment, Community Outreach, Environmental Stewardship, K12 Classroom Education, Field Trips, Professional Conferences and/or Meetings

A summary of the Chapter’s ideas or plans for the next academic year.

Next we plan to continue our work with CommUniverCity, further member recruitment and community service. By continuing work with CommUniverCity, we have opportunities to continue school presentations on topics such as ecology and biodiversity, build and maintain community gardens, and educate the public by tabling at community events.