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If you have any relevant Chapter photos or other documents (<2MB) that you would like to add to your report, please send them to Any relevant Chapter materials that cannot be sent electronically (printed brochures, flyers, etc.) may be mailed to: SEEDS Campus Ecology Chapters; Ecological Society of America; 1990 M Street NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036 or faxed to: 202-833-8775.

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HU Seeds at Howard University


Chapter Information

  • Academic Year: 2012-2013
  • Chapter Website (if applicable):
  • Chapter email(if applicable):


Advisor Information

  • Mary McKenna, Ecology Professor
  • Email:


Chapter Activities


A descriptive summary of each of the major Chapter activities (seminars/workshops, field trips, fundraisers, outreach/community service, etc.) during the past academic year. The activity, the timeframe, and the persons involved (Chapter members, campus, school students, community, etc.). People who were included and served, and how many.

This past academic year the main goal of the chapter was focused on recruitment. We started with about ten members and now we have over 50 people with an interest in joining after being a part of the Howard University Organization Fair. There was also an organized trip to the Anacostia Water Clean- Up with ten original members. Chandler Puritty and Angel Rogers served as co-presidents and Nia Johnson served as the vice president in the past academic year.

What best describes the activities of your chapter this past academic year?

Chapter Invigoration/Recruitment, Community Outreach, Field Trips, Research, Professional Conferences and/or Meetings

A summary of the Chapter’s ideas or plans for the next academic year.

The ambitious goals of the Howard University Seeds Chapter include a strong community outreach component. We have set up mentoring opportunities with the Math and Science Middle School on Howard’s campus. Our aim is to not only provide mentoring in the sciences, but also science fair aid/ judging as well as after-school tutoring. We also plan on raising campus awareness on environmental issues and setting up educational field trips.