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SIPI Natural Reources/ SEEDS at Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute


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  • Angie Sells, Teacher
  • Email:


Chapter Activities


A descriptive summary of each of the major Chapter activities (seminars/workshops, field trips, fundraisers, outreach/community service, etc.) during the past academic year. The activity, the timeframe, and the persons involved (Chapter members, campus, school students, community, etc.). People who were included and served, and how many.

This year the SIPI Natural Resources / SEEDS club (NRC) goals were to go on a field trip; community service work and most importantly become organized. Organization was the hardest of the goals we had but in the end we learned that part of that was to communicate efficiently. Therefore we developed a facebook account and a circle on gmail. We used the facebook account to post information about scholarships and internships as well as some interesting articles.

We had a few fundraisers and one that stood out the most was at the Christmas Bazaar. We as a club were having communication issues. But mostly SIPI is a very small school so NRC has not really had very many participants. At this event we had help and participants. We saw that the more the people the merrier, especially in the club bank account. That was when we decided to emphasize on recruitment.

One of our recruitment ideas was to host a Geocaching Event, which we plan to host annually as well. The event was about 4 hours long and we had 10 participants that went in pairs. The groups used GIS devices to find the locations and than they had to answer a question about the location. The team that had the fastest time won. We might not have had a large amount of participants but this was out first year and it was a learning experience.

We had made unsuccessful plans to go on a camping trip to Mescalero, NM to the White Mountain Apache Fish Hatchery. Our plans at the fish hatchery were to do some community service and help with some cleaning. Our plans may not have been successful but this is a goal we will accomplish in the 2014-2015 school year.

This year we also had a Bio Blitz. We all had never been to one so this was a learning experience for us and we look forward to doing this annually. There were about 15 participants and we spent over an hour at the Rio Grande River. We decided to separate into groups and each group gets about 10 samples. A small bunch from the University of New Mexico (UNM) joined us. It was nice talking to them because they were telling us about the research they were conducting on the Rio Grande River.

We had decided as well to clean the Natural Resources Program Greenhouse. We provided snakes and drinks. The event took 2 hours and we had 10 participants.

What best describes the activities of your chapter this past academic year?

Chapter Invigoration/Recruitment, Community Outreach

A summary of the Chapter’s ideas or plans for the next academic year.

Our goals for the upcoming year included:
• Camping trip to the Mescalero White Mountain Apache Fish Hatchery
• Annual Bio Blitz
• Annual Geocaching Event
• Invite a guest speaker to educate our community about environmental issues