2014-2015 SEEDS Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Deadline: Friday, November 15th, 2013


General Information

Academic Information

Two Academic References

The letters must be sent/emailed directly to SEEDS (seeds@esa.org) by your endorser - Subject Tittle: SEEDS Fellowship Reference Letter. The letters must be received by the application deadline and must answer the following questions:

  1. How do you know the student - academically/professionally?
  2. What kind of involvement does this student have in ecology clubs/activities/coursework/internships
  3. Do you believe the student has a sincere interest in ecology or a related field and has plans to pursue future endeavors in ecology?
  4. Do you feel this student has potential to be a leader in ecology? In what way/s?
  5. Do you have any reservations about this student? (maturity to handle being away, ability to get along with others, flexibility, adaptability)

Please provide the following information for your references:

Statement of Interest

In 300 words or less (1) describe the nature of research that you intend to pursue; (2) specify how this experience would further your educational and career goals; (3) summarize your ecology experience thus far (SEEDS activities, coursework, research or work experience, etc.); (4) explain how you will contribute to the mission of the SEEDS program during and after the Fellowship


Please Copy and Paste your resume in the box below. Resume must include relevant research experience, coursework, employment, awards, honors, and scholastic achievement.

Applicant's Certification

I have read and checked this form for omissions and errors. To the best of my knowledge, the information is complete and correct. I understand that the inclusion by me of false information or the failure to report all information requested in this application could disqualify me for further opportunities with the Ecological Society of America's SEEDS Program.