Leadership Meetings

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2016 SEEDS Leadership Meeting- Coweeta Hydrological Lab


From April 13-17, 2016, 19 students traveled to Coweeta Hydrological Lab for the 11th SEEDS Leadership meeting with Fred Abbott and Teresa Mourad. Student participants included three 2014-2015 SPUR fellows, six 2015-2016 SPUR fellows and nine (9) other students nominated by SEEDS chapter advisers.   Students learned about the science projects at Coweeta, and how the science was applied to decision-making related to land use and ecosystem services. Our heartfelt appreciation go to Dr. Chelcy Miniat, Lead PI and Dr. Randy Fowler who developed the agenda and travel arrangements. Special thanks to Dr. Miniat, Coweeta scientists and local leaders for an inspiring program that allowed students to explore science, policy, communications, education and careers.  We are very grateful to ESA President, Dr. Monica Turner, who shared her incredible career journey with our students and whose presence demonstrated the commitment of ESA to the SEEDS program.

This event was made possible with support from the US Forest Service Research and Development.


Leadership Meeting Information

Held annually, the Leadership Meeting is an opportunity for SEEDS student leaders to engage in a dialogue about the connections between science and society. The meeting provides a venue for SEEDS participants to develop 21st century skills and understanding in communications, policy, community outreach and education, rounding out their experience as young scientists.

The Leadership Meeting was an extension of the SEEDS Undergraduate Research Fellowship program and since 2007 grew to include invited SEEDS chapter leaders and other students recognized for their leadership potential.  ESA Governing Board members have joined us as guest speakers and since 2008, we have been delighted to have the participation and support of ESA Presidents who have graciously set time in their busy schedules to join the students.