The Soil Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America seeks to promote an understanding of the importance of soil biota among ecologists, soil scientists, and members of related disciplines, to encourage education and research in soil ecology, to sponsor meetings and publications for the communication of research and educational activities in soil ecology, and to increase student participation in the Society.


Soil Ecology Section Mixer & Business Meeting – ESA Annual Meeting 2005 – Montreal

When: Wednesday evening August 10th, 6:30 – 8:00 pm; mixer at 6:30; bus mtg begins at 7:15 pm

Where: Meeting Room 517 B – Level 5 Palais des congrès de Montréal

Mixer Program: joint mixer with ESA Biogeosciences Section,; program includes brief presentations by funding agency program directors and opportunities to chat with them

Business Meeting Agenda:

•Report from ESA Council meeting – Society-wide business

•Soil Ecology Section reports:

•Call for nominations for Section officers

•Call for symposium and/or organized oral session proposals for ’06 ESA Ann Mtg in Memphis

•Announcements, news

•What can your Section do for you? What do you want from your Section?


Soil Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America
Minutes from 2004 Annual Meeting

In attendance:

Deb Neher, Brian Darby, Thomas Weicht, Breana Simmons, Matthias Rillig, Sherri Morris, Bill Dress, Sarah O'Brien, Rachel Thiet, Serita Frey, Julie Whitbeck, Mitch Pavao-Zuckerman, Loren Byrne, Elisabeth Brewer, Josh Schimel, Kathy Szlaveaz, Peter Groffman, John Dighton, Dave Coleman, John Moore, Kim Melville-Smith, Sina Adl, Mark Waldrop, Mike Allen, Edith Allen, Marc Los Huertos

Annual report:

New business:

Symposium/workshop proposal ideas (due Sept 15, 2004):

What can your section do for you? Send Julie Whitbeck, Deb Neher, or Serita Frey your ideas regarding how our section can serve member's needs.