Each year the Soil Ecology section awards a cash prize recognizing the best student presentation (talk or poster) in soil ecology at the ESA Annual Meeting. Candidates must meet the eligibility requirements for the Buell and Braun awards, but they need not apply to those competitions.  Symposium presentations are eligible for this award. The presentation must describe research used for the graduate (or undergraduate) degree; evaluation criteria are similar to those used for the ESA Buell and Braun Awards. A student may apply several times (in different years) as long as he or she meets the qualifications and has not previously won this award. In some years, separate awards may be made for talk and poster presentations, Section budget allowing.

Students apply for the Section's award by sending an e-mail (with the subject line “ESA SES Student Award”) to the Section Chair by May 1st stating 1) their interest in being an award candidate that year, 2) that they, or a co-author, are a member of the ESA Soil Ecology Section, and 3) that they are eligible for the Buell and Braun Awards. They must also include or attach a copy of their abstract AND a 250-word or less description of why/how the research presented will advance the field of ecology, with attention to soil ecology.