Student section


Descriptions of Vice Chair and Secretary Positions
Position description - Vice Chair:

As the vice chair of the Student Section, your main task is to assist the chair with all aspects of governing the student section. This includes six main responsibilities:

  1. Organize student section events at the Annual Meeting.
  2. Serve as a contact for volunteers within the Student Section.
  3. Write the Student Section annual report.
  4. Organize officer elections for the following year.
  5. Act as a representative of the ESA student body at environmental and scientific meetings, workshops, symposia, etc.
  6. Develop ideas for the growth of the student section.

The vice chair involves a two-year commitment that begins immediately after the Annual ESA Meeting in August. The first year is as vice chair and the second year is as chair of the Student Section. The first year is designed to make the transition to chair as easy as possible.

Position description - Secretary:

As the Student Section secretary, you will have seven main tasks during your tenure:

  1. Take minutes at the Section's annual business meeting held at the ESA Annual Meeting. Afterward, the minutes will need to be read by officers to ensure completeness and sent to all student members of ESA.
  2. Compile and keep a list of volunteers and how they would like to be involved.
  3. Keep records of all correspondence, decisions, and procedures that are followed during the planning of the next Annual Meeting.
  4. Archive proposals for student section activities at the meetings. This will facilitate organization for the next meeting. As students submit proposals for organized oral sessions, workshops, lunch sessions, etc., the secretary should keep a list of the title and session organizer with contact information.
  5. E-mail a session evaluation sheet to each session organizer approximately one month before the meeting. The information from the sheets will help students plan future sessions. The secretary will archive all the sheets for the future.
  6. Field general questions from students regarding membership.
  7. Be involved with helping the Chairs plan and implement general goals of the Section.

The secretary position is a one-year position that begins immediately after the Annual ESA Meeting in August.