Student Section Meeting at the 89th Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon

The ESA Student Section organized two highly attended events at last year's meeting.  We are hosting several other events at this year's meeting in Montreal, Canada.

How to Succeed in Ecology: Advice from Current and Aspiring Eminent Ecologists

Ecology is a competitive field, and to be deemed successful by one’s peers, an ecologist must exhibit many characteristics, such as perseverance, creativity, knowledge, and innovation.  Eminent ecologists and rising stars from a diverse cross-section of ecological disciplines will discussed suggested strategies for success in the academic arena with more than 200 student participants.  Discussion topics included; (1) choosing a graduate program and major advisor, (2) developing a post-doc/faculty research program, (3) publishing productively, (4) finding funding, and (5) advice regarding networking, interviewing, and negotiating.  Given the huge popularity of this event, a similar evening session is planned.  Click this link to see the program for this event -


Disease Ecology and Declining Populations: Analyzing and Predicting Disease in Sensitive Populations.

This symposium brought together some of the biggest names in disease ecology, including Leslie Real, Peter Daszak, Mike Samuel, Andrew Storfer, Mark Torchin, Hamish McCallum, Peter Hudson, Andy Dobson, Kevin Lafferty, and Leah Gerber.  The main focus of the symposium was the integration of empirical and theoretical research in disease ecology in ways that can be effectively used by managers and policy makers when making decisions about declining wildlife populations.

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