Student section


ESA Annual Meeting, August 6-11, Memphis
Activities of the ESA Student Section at the Memphis meeting


Time Sun 6 Mon 7 Tue 8 Wed 9 Thu 10 Fri 11
8-11:30am           Ecological consequences of genetic diversity
9am-5pm Multiple Linear Regression Using R          
11:30am-1:15pm   Going Global

Student Section Business Meeting

Achieving Conservation Goals

Educational Outreach How to Get a Post-Doc  
1-2:30pm   Scientists engaging the media        
1:30-5pm     Climate Change and Timing      
 6:30-10pm       Editors Session    

How to Succeed in Ecology

How to land and keep a job at a small liberal arts college      


List of events

Multiple linear regression using R
Sunday, August 6, 9 am -5 pm
Organizers: Rohan Sadler, Candan Soykan

Going global: resources for US students interested in studying abroad
Monday, August 7, 11 :30 am-1:15 pm
Organizers: Andrea Kuchy, Margaret Kuchy

Scientists engaging the media: how we can make a difference communicating science to society
Monday, August 7, 1-2:30 pm
Organizers: Alice Levine, Carla D'Antonio

How to succeed in ecology: advice from professionals in the field
Monday, August 7, 8-10 pm
Organizers: Abraham Miller-Rushing, Kristine Hopfensperger

How you can REALLY achieve conservation goals: merging academic research with management and restoration
Tuesday, August 8, 11 :30 am-1:15 pm
Organizers: Alice Levine, Carla D'Antonio

Climate change and timing in ecological communities
Tuesday, August 8, 1:30-5 pm
Organizers: Abraham Miller-Rushing, Richard Primack, David Inouye

How to land and keep a job at a small liberal arts college
Tuesday, August 8, 8-10pm
Organizers: Andrew McCall, Richard Niesenbaum, Phil Camill

How to integrate educational outreach in your research studies
Wednesday, August 9, 11 :30 am-1:15 pm
Organizers: Alice Levine, Carla D'Antonio

What editors want: do's and dont's for submitting your manuscript
Wednesday, August 9, 6:30-10 pm
Organizers: Elizabeth Harp, Abraham Miller-Rushing, Liz Ferguson

How to get a post-doc
Thursday, August 10, 11 :30 am-1:15 pm
Organizers: Candan Soykan, Rohan Sadler

The ecological consequences of genetic diversity
Friday, August 11, 8-11:30 am
Organizers: Marc Johnson, Randall Hughes