2010 ESA Student Section Travel Awards

Attention all ESA students:

The ESA Student Section will support the attendance of national and international students to the 2010 ESA annual conference via travel awards. We expect to give out 3-5 awards of ~$250 for attendance of students within the US and 3-5 awards of ~$350 for students affiliated with institutions outside the US. The final amounts awarded to each individual will be a strong function of distance from the candidate’s Institution to the ESA annual meeting city (Pittsburgh, PA). These awards are extremely competitive, and we encourage submissions from students (undergraduates, Masters and Ph.D. students) in excellent academic standing. Because funding is very limited and because the overall goal of these awards is to allow the attendance of students who otherwise would not be able to make it to the conference, we do not encourage the submission of applications by candidates who can find funding through other sources.

The applicant may be of any nationality and background, and must be up-to-date with the ESA Student Section dues (please email our membership officer if you are not sure – Matthew Whiteside, mwhitesi(at)uci.edu). The student must submit this application form and his/her abstract acceptance confirmation to Fabricio Villalobos (fabricio.villalobos(at)gmail.com) with “ESA-SS travel award” in the email subject by May 30th, 2010.

The winners will be announced by June 15th 2010 and the information for receiving the economic support will be sent to them via e-mail. Winners must commit to attend the ESA Student Section Business Meeting that will take place at the 95th ESA annual conference in Pittsburgh, PA, August 1st-6th 2010.

We look forward to your application,
The ESA Student Section board