Are you interested in winning prizes and/or free registration to an upcoming ESA conference? Check out some of our past and current contests and awards.

ESA Awards Information for Students

Current Contests/Awards
2012 Award Information - TBA

Past Contest/Award Winners
2011 Award Winners
2010 Best Undergraduate Presentation Award Winners
2010 EcoArts Winners
2009 Award Winners
2009 Eco-Art Winners

Past Contests/Awards
2011 Award Information

2010 Academic Excellence Award for Young Women in Ecology
This new contest awards outstanding research publications by young female scientists in ecology.

2010 Eco-Art Festival
Win cash prizes and more by submitting your photos and films to our annual Eco-Art Festival. All ESA members are eligible to participate.

2010 Ecoservice Award
This new award is for high school to postgraduate students whose contributions to the discipline of ecology that have extended beyond the realm of academia and into the broader communities of which they are a part.

2010 Travel Awards

2009 ESA Eco-Art Exhibition
Have a photo, poem or film about science/nature you would like to share? Send it in and you might win some money and free registration to the 2009 ESA conference

2009 ESA Outstanding Student Research Awards
Each year, we award two students (an undergraduate and a graduate) with cash prizes for excellence in research via an outstanding publication. Check to see if you might be eligible.

2009 ESA Student Section Best Undergraduate Presentation Award
This year, we will award two undergraduate presenters (one poster presentation, one oral presentation) with cash prizes for the best undergraduate presentation.
2008 ESA Student Section Poster Contest
Win prizes & help spread the word about why students should join ESA and the Student Section

2008 Student EcoFilm Awards (SEAs) Festival
The first-ever ESA contest designed to honor outstanding student contributions to ecological science through film