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Graduate and postdoctoral fellowships in urban ecology

Posted October 31, 2011

Graduate and postdoctoral fellowships in urban ecology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City will be available for the 2012-2013 academic year.  Topics include interactions between human-dominated landscapes and climate, urban ecohydrology, urban metabolism and material/energy budgets, and environmental costs and benefits of greenspace in semi-arid environments.  Studies will involve measurements of plant and ecosystem function, land-atmosphere interactions, and ecohydrology in and surrounding western U.S. cities, particularly Salt Lake City and Los Angeles.

For more information about graduate study, visit and  

Prospective graduate and post-doctoral candidates should contact D. Pataki at for more information.

Forest Commons - Role model for sustainable local governance and forest management Burbach, Germany, 9-11 October 2011
 This international workshop looks at the growing interest for commonunity-owned forests, discussing issues such as small-scale forestry approaches and governance issues. For more information about this event, hosted by the State Department of Forestry and Timber of North RhineWestphalia others, see:

Balancing Trees & Urban Spaces, 2011 International Arboricultural Summit - Hong Kong Hong Kong, China, 17-19 November 2011
The focus of this year’s IASHK conference will be on trees below ground - tree root development, soils, and the complexities of the urban environment. Keynote speakers include, among others, Dr Ed Gilman and Dr Gary Watson. Read more and register at

International symposium on 'Urban open spaces - Quality provision and assessment'
Frederiksberg, Denmark, 1 December 2011

 This one-day event, hosted by the Nordic Green Space Award partnership, will discuss will discuss the concept of ‘quality’
from many different sides, zooming in on quality in a context of public space, public service delivery, and urban green spaces in particular. For more information and expressing your interest to participate, please contact Cecil Konijnendijk at .

1st Biennial Congress on Urban Green Spaces (CUGS) New Delhi, India, 15-17 February 2012
 This congress will take critical look at the interface between urban human habitation and urban green spaces to build upon our understanding of the elements of urban green spaces and their interconnectedness with quality of life in our fast expanding cities.
The Congress will deal with physical, spatial, economics, environmental, aesthetic, and other characteristics of urban green spaces. Specific focus of the congress is on India and oter industrialising countries, but the event has an international scope.
For more information, visit .

Arid LID 2012: Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development in Arid Environments
March 27-29, Tucson, Arizona
For the past two years, the AridLID Workshops held in Albuquerque, NM have built a growing discussion and exposition of green infrastructure practices that are appropriate to the unique climates of the Southwestern U.S.  In 2012, we are holding the conference in Tucson, AZ (with a live viewing in Albuquerque), with the twin goals of sharing best practices and building professional networks across a wider swath of the region, and of developing a clearer Southwestern vision and voice in the growing national discussion on green infrastructure.  The theme of AridLID 2012 is Integrated Approaches to Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development.  Green infrastructure projects function best and are most cost-effective when they provide multiple benefits-like a streetside bioretention basin that captures and cleans stormwater while it passively irrigates vegetation that shades the street and sidewalk, beautifies a neighborhood, and calms traffic.  Likewise, effective green infrastructure practice often requires that people of various disciplines and perspectives work together-think landscape architects, engineers, and stormwater managers working together with a watershed group, a neighborhood association, and a University laboratory to achieve shared goals!  This conference will explore the potentials, best practices and pitfalls inherent in green infrastructure at various levels of integration in our region.  Sessions will be targeted to stormwater, planning, and design professionals; academics in water resources and urban sustainability; as well as activists and educators interested in implementing these features through grassroots, community-driven models.  A live remote viewing for portions of the conference, followed by local discussion and hands-on activities, is also planned for Albuquerque, NM.
Registration opens in September 2011.  For more information and to register, visit .

15th European Forum on Urban Forestry, Leipzig, Germany, 8-12 May 2012
 Next year's edition of the annual IUFRO European Forum on Urban Forestry will be held in the German city of Leipzig. Please reserve the dates and keep an eye on  for future information.

Latest issue of Urban Forestry & Urban Greening
Issue 3 of Volume 10 is available at
This issue included, among other, a review article on outdoor recreation and ethnicity in Europe. Other articles look e.g. at the impact of urban trees on rental prices, urban forest growth, and urban forest carbon credits. Also featured are research papers on park birdlife and the restorative outcomes of forest schools.


Departments of Biological Sciences, Geography, Geology (College of Arts and Sciences) and
the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (College of Architecture and Environmental Design)
Kent State University

In a major joint venture, the Departments of Biological Sciences, Geography, Geology and the College of Architecture and Environmental Design seek four new tenure-track faculty members to work in the field of Urban Ecology and Hydrology starting in Fall 2012. The purpose of these hires is to build upon existing strengths in each department and across colleges to further develop our combined expertise and scientific leadership in understanding how human impact affects the well-being of ecosystems. This initiative seeks to both enhance research productivity in this area and create cutting-edge interdisciplinary opportunities for the training of graduate and undergraduate students.

The proposed coordinated hires mesh with strategic hiring plans of the participating departments and the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC) and represent a natural extension of ongoing collaborations. A rich collaborative environment within the University is supported by research and educational partnerships with multiple external partners throughout Northeast Ohio and outstanding research facilities.

Faculty in the participating departments are highly productive researchers who have demonstrated success in attracting substantial grants and contracts to support their research programs. Combined, these units have over 80 students in doctoral degree programs, over 2000 undergraduate majors, and over 140 students in Master’s and professional degree program majors. Further information is available on the website;, and

Successful applicants will be expected to develop highly productive research programs, secure extramural funding, engage in collaborative research, direct theses and dissertations, and exhibit a commitment to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Positions are available at the Assistant Professor rank although applications for candidates qualified for higher academic rank are encouraged.

Ecosystem Ecologist: The successful candidate will conduct research on ecosystem-level processes that occur within human-impacted environments. Areas of interest include nutrient cycling, ecosystem consequences of biological community structure, ecosystem services, and other ecosystem processes at the watershed scale and/or at the interface of terrestrial and aquatic systems. Qualifications: Ph.D. in Ecology, Biology or equivalent, and post-doctoral experience.

Urban Environmental Geographer: The Department of Geography seeks an urban environmental geographer with interests in land-use change and environmental or urban planning. A specialization in environmental modeling and/or remote sensing is desirable. Qualifications: Ph.D. in Geography or a related field.

Landscape Architect/Ecologist: The College of Architecture and Environmental Design seeks a landscape architect/ecologist to conduct research in the ecological reclamation of vacant land and urban watershed restoration. The dual focus on ecology and design is intended to produce better cities and healthier urban ecosystems, particularly in the Great Lakes basin where the dual challenges of persistent population decline and large-scale urban vacancy are creating unprecedented opportunities for ecological reclamation. The Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative is the outreach division of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design, located in downtown Cleveland, about an hour north of KSU’s main campus. The Landscape Architect/Ecologist will have responsibilities both on the main campus and at the Cleveland facility. Qualifications: Masters of Landscape Architecture and Ph.D. in Urban Ecology or a related field.

Hydrologist: Department of Geology seeks a scientist with expertise in hydrology and interest in the specific problems of surface water drainage, storm water management, and erosion control in environments related to suburban and urban development and planning. Of particular interest are applicants with modeling expertise applied to field and experimental work in the urban environment who will interact with existing faculty with specialties in aqueous geochemistry, groundwater-surface water interactions, engineering geology and also with colleagues in the Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative. Qualifications: Ph.D. in Geology or a related field.

Review of applications for positions will begin on October 19, 2011 and continue until the positions are filled.
Send application materials, including statements of research and teaching interests, curriculum vitae, and arrange to have three letters of recommendation submitted by e-mail to: Biological Sciences Position:; Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative position:, Geography position:, Geology Position:

Kent State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages applications from candidates who would enhance the diversity of the University’s faculty.

This area is for job postings, upcoming conferences, graduate positions, awards, or anything else that might be of interest to UEE members. If you have something you would like to see posted email Kevin Matteson at kevmatteson at gmail dot com.