Outreach and Education

Frequently Asked Questions for NVC Users:

In 2013 The Panel created a user-friendly list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the NVC.  You can view the entire list of FAQs here, to learn find out the following, plus much more:

  • What is the US National Vegetation Classification (USNVC)?
  • What can the USNVC do, and what are its limits?
  • Is the system comprehensive enough to use everywhere?
  • Is the USNVC appropriate for mapping?
  • How can I work with the USNVC when it’s not fully developed?
  • How can the USNVC adapt to changing environments and community composition through time?

NVC Factsheets:

Panel members, in conjunction with staff from federal agencies, have helped to produce a general NVC Factsheet, along with a factsheet series (*coming soon!*) on a number of topics, including:

  • How the NVC can adapt to changing environments and community composition through time;
  • How the NVC deals with semi-natural vegetation;
  • How the NVC can cross-walk to other systems; and
  • How NVC relates to the coastal marine classification, wetlands, and other standards.

Panel Presentations and Talks:

Below are some presentations given by vegetation ecologists at sessions organized by Panel Members at various ESA Annual Meetings:

*presentations coming soon!*

Posters about Vegetation Classification and/or the NVC:

History of the ESA Panel on Vegetation Classification and United States National Vegetation Classification System

VegBank.org: A Permanent, Open‐Access Archive for Vegetation Plot Data

Using Legacy Datasets to Analyze Changes in Vegetation Distribution: Examples and Considerations

A Short History of Vegetation Classification and its Relevance Today

Archives from Panel Workshops:

2012 NVC Workshop for Mid-career Managers (Denver, CO)

2012 Workshop on Vegetation Sample Allocation (Portland, OR)

2011 Workshop on Vegetation Analysis in Support of the NVC (Austin, TX)

2010 Workshop on Using the National Vegetation Classification to Classify and Assess the Condition of  Ruderal, Plantation, and Natural Forest and Wetland Types (Pittsburgh, PA)

2009 Workshop Introducing the New National Vegetation Classification Standard with Field Applications and Training (Albuquerque, NM)