ESA 2016: Early Career Section Events

The Early Career Ecologist Section has been busy proposing, organizing, and collaborating to offer many events and resources in the near future. See our page for ESA 2016 for more details on these and other events! They include: An Early Career Section Booth – Come and visit! We’ve worked to make this a Parent-Friendly meeting. Read more about ESA 2016: Early Career Section Events[…]

Results from the Early Career member survey

Post written by Sarah Supp

In October, we took a brief survey of our members to try to identify what topics are of key concern for the Early Career Ecologist (ECE) Section and to address a few questions that ESA leadership specifically had regarding early career perspectives on ESA membership. I attended the ESA Governing Board meeting November 5-6, 2015 and had several great conversations with ESA scientists and staff on the topics identified in the survey responses, and by members who contributed to our ESA 2016 planning google doc.* I’d like to note that ESA Leadership is very receptive to addressing early career concerns and interested in staying up-to-date with the perspective of its early career members. […]