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Paid Career Mentoring, Networking and Research/Internship opportunities

Undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented communities in ecology and environmental sciences in the Greater Washington DC region are invited to apply.


What is EcologyPlus?

  • EcologyPlus connects diverse college students and early career scientists with timely and relevant career opportunities and a community of peers and professionals in ecology and related careers across all sectors.
  • EcologyPlus is both an alliance and an approach to integrate available resources and programs that foster the participation of underrepresented minorities in a broad range of career pathways where ecology plays a role. EcologyPlus recognizes the need for diverse ecological expertise in a wide variety of fields in all sectors.
  • EcologyPlus is a pilot project limited to the Greater Washington DC metro area. Funding for this project is made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation.


  • Explore the many exciting facets of ecology and related fields.
  • Find timely opportunities, resources and tips for your career
  • Network with peers and professionals in a wide range of fields across all sectors
  • Receive a stipend of $1,000
  • Support for your career goals and plans
  • Individualized mentoring year-round
  • Summer research / Internship placement – paid or for course credit


Who Should Apply

EcologyPlus will offer mentoring via an online mentoring platform, career resources and tools, research and internship opportunities, peer and professional networking opportunities and a stipend.

  • Undergraduate and graduate students ages 18 and above
  • Located within 50 miles of Washington DC
  • Must be US Citizens or permanent residents
  • Must be enrolled in a US institution

Criteria for selection

  • Strong interest in ecology and related environmental careers from any science discipline
  • Leadership potential and community involvement
  • Contribution to EcologyPlus mission to increase participation of underrepresented communities in ecology and environmental sciences

GPA scores are not collected.



  • Select and maintain active monthly interaction with up to two mentors
  • Complete Individual Career self-assessment and plan
  • Participate in events or workshops organized by EcologyPlus and other relevant career development activities
  • Complete research project or internship
  • Contribute to EcologyPlus twitter feeds
  • Complete all evaluations and requests for information in a timely manner