With the coronavirus pandemic around us,  EcologyPlus was prompted to organize WebEvents. Explore these informal networking series to get tips on how to build your career and where you can find resources to navigate these challenging times.  Each webevent is hosted by ecology and environmental science professionals in agencies (local, state or federal), nonprofits or  business. Learn more here.


Skills Development Workshops

EcologyPlus offers Skills  Development Workshops that utilize a case study based format to enhance participant understanding of the skills needed for ecological and environmental careers.  Centered on environmental issues, participants are exposed to skills valued by employers in a range of fields, including academic institutions; non-profit organizations; federal, state and local agencies, and businesses. Specific skills may include a variety of “soft” and “hard” skills like project management, data management, writing, communication, fundraising, collaborative skills, stakeholder and citizen engagement, team-building, customer service, political organization and outreach, networking, financial analysis and planning, and negotiation. Learn more here.  

Student Research

EcologyPlus offers research internships or short courses that build key research skills.

Find out how you might participate as a student or a partner here

Networking Meet Ups

EcologyPlus offers Networking Meet Ups for Students, Early Career Scientists and Professionals in ecology and related fields. The Meet Ups are held at a host organization or restaurant and features a speaker who shares tips for success or career transitions. We also organize groups to attending events held by others that are of interest and that foster networking or career development.

Career Fairs

EcologyPlus offers the Green Opportunities, Diversity Workshop and Career Fair to showcase careers in ecology and related environmental fields. The event also features a panel of speakers highlighting emerging trends in the job market as well a workshop for rich conversations around diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

Check out our past career fairs.