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Ecosystem Health and Sustainability

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New manuscript submissions are now on ScholarOne. Pending manuscripts and revisions will continue on EcoTrack. Final versions of accepted manuscripts should also be submitted on EcoTrack.

Ecosystem Health and Sustainability (EHS, ISSN: 2332-8878) launched in March 2015. This new international journal aims to provide a high-quality, rapid publication venue for ecologists and environmental scientists around the world. Learn more about the journal and first issue contents from the March news release. Open access: get full papers and journal information.

EHS, published jointly by the Ecological Society of America (ESA) and Ecological Society of China (ESC) publishes articles on advances in macroecology and sustainability science, on how changes in human activities affect ecosystem conditions, and on systems approaches for applying ecological science in decision making to promote sustainable development. We seek papers on the application of ecological theory, principles, and concepts to support sustainable development, especially in regions undergoing rapid environmental change. Papers on multi-scale, integrative, and interdisciplinary studies, and on international collaborations between scientists from industrialized and industrializing countries are also welcome.