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Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center

FT Luderdale Conevention Center

With plenty of convenient, covered parking, a cozy coffee shop, mouth-watering food, and restrooms around every corner, you’ll enjoy your visit to our 600,000-square-foot convention center, located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Not only are the above items reason enough to select this venue for the ESA Annual Meeting, but the Center is also very green.  See what wonderful things they are doing for our environments.

The Center is showing its commitment to preservation of the environment, reduction of costs and health and well-being to their employees and is LEED EBOM certified. (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Existing Building Operation & Maintenance.)

They recycle all of the following:
Wood pallets
Plastic bottles
Clear sheet plastic
Carpet and padding
Plastic table cloth
Shrink wrap
Time and wood
Magazines and newspapers
Landscaping debris
BCCC Front Day fish fountain

They support renewable energy by purchasing Renewable Certificates (RECs) for off-site renewable wind energy systems. Through this program, the facility is 100% carbon neutral. They use a building automation system for temperature and lighting control, and utilization of natural daylight in most of our pre-function areas.

The Center has installed water-saving devices for all toilets, urinals and faucets in all restrooms. They also have zero-bleed system of treatment for cooling towers which reduces water consumption approximately 65%.  Around the center they use indigenous plants that will be hardy and require less water.

With food and beverage they donate unused, pre-consumer meals to the local Daily Bread Food Bank.  They purchase more environmentally-friendly products, including paper and plastic. Their produce is locally grown within a 100-mile radius of the facility. Other foods must be labeled USDA Certified, Organic, Food Alliance Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Protected Harvest Certified, Fair Trade or Main Stewardship Council’s Blue Eco-label.